Additional Collections

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The additional collections combine various assembled groups of documents, artefacts, and audiovisual materials. They cover the League of Nations as well as the UN Geneva collections.

The Additional Collections include:

  • The Conventions, Ratifications and other Diplomatic Instruments (League of Nations) collection mainly consists of diplomatic instruments in most cases concluded under the auspices of the League of Nations and deposited with its Secretary-General. The collection is available online.
  • The Bulky Enclosures (League of Nations) collection is made up of annexes, or even parts, of certain Registry files whose size (or shape) meant that they had to be stored separately.The collection is available online.
  • The Official Documents (League of Nations) collection contains the official publications (printed or mimeographed), minutes, working papers and documents of the various League organs. The collection is available online.
  • The Photograph Collection (League of Nations) includes photos of: Personalities, Assemblies, Councils, Delegations, Commissions, Conferences, the Secretariat, the Permanent Court of International Justice, the Bureau International du Travail, and miscellaneous photos. The collection is available online.
  • The Registry Index Cards (League of Nations) collection contains the index cards created and used by the League’s Registry Unit which was responsible for registering correspondence and for opening files, placing material in them, and classifying and indexing them. (These index cards have become an useful research tool for the Registry files of the Secretariat collection because they allow searches to be conducted by the name of a person or institution or by subject.) The collection is available online.
  • The Map Collection (League of Nations + UNOG) holds maps from across the world acquired both by the Library of the League of Nations and the Library of the United Nations Office at Geneva. The collection is available online.
  • The Brochures and Pamphlets (International Peace Bureau) collection consists of a unique group of printed secondary material and documents arranged by the International Peace Bureau (IPB) under subject headings such as Droit Securité (Military Science), Mouvement Pacifiste, Associations Pacifistes, Alcoholism-Children, Protection de la Femme, Cooperation Intellectuelle/Paix et Langues, Missions/Problèmes Religieux, Eglises et Missions, Réfugies, Association for la SdN and Associations pour les Nations Unies.

The vast majority of the Additional Collections are not available online and have not been described. Access to available finding aids and to the archives is done in-person at the UN Archives Geneva Reading Room.

For more information on accessing the Additional Collections, please contact us through Ask an Archivist.