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            1858 Archival description results for Communication and Mass Media

            13 February 1936
            Pp 274/1/82-83 · Document · 1936.02.13
            Part of Private Archives

            Holiday in Riesengebirge; "Daily Express" article on S. Lester.

            14 November 1935
            Pp 274/1/19 · Document · 1935.11.14
            Part of Private Archives

            Sir Arthur Willard, Director of the Press Section of the Foreign Office.

            23 January 1936 (2)
            Pp 274/1/73-76 · Document · 1936.01.23
            Part of Private Archives

            Geneva, 90th session of the League of Nations Council - Soviet move against Uruguay; work with F.P. Walters and J. Avenol on draft report on Danzig; reactions of Poles Danzigers; reactions of German Press and English Press.

            24 February 1936
            Pp 274/1/86-87 · Document · 1936.02.24
            Part of Private Archives

            Alexander Cadogan, appointed Assistant Under Secretary of State at the Foreign Office; article by Vladimir d'Ormesson on Nazi regime and A. Hitler.

            25 February 1936
            Pp 274/1/87-90 · Document · 1936.02.25
            Part of Private Archives

            Violent incidents in Danzig discussed with A. Greiser, President of the Danzig Senate; Note on S. Lester's report to the League of Nations on Danzig; Countess Finkenstein, big German land-owner in the East, on A. Forster's regarded as a disaster for Danzig and his possible removal; League of Nations' authority to be saved; Countess Finkenstein's talks with B. Mussolini and A. Hitler; talks about Italo-German rapprochment.

            26 January 1936 (1)
            Pp 274/1/78-79 · Document · 1936.01.26
            Part of Private Archives

            Geneva, 90th session of the League of Nations Council - Talk with W. Krauel, German Consul General on A. Forster and on report on Danzig

            28 February 1936
            Pp 274/1/90-93 · Document · 1936.02.28
            Part of Private Archives

            Senator Boeck (Education) and President of Volkstag E. Beyl; Regierungs-Präsident Budding from East Prussia; A. Eden's first official parliamentary speech as Foreign Minister; inspection and censorship of S. Lester's letter to J. Avenol by the Nazis.

            3 February 1936
            Pp 274/1/80-81 · Document · 1936.02.03
            Part of Private Archives

            Danzig situation; A. Greiser's, President of the Danzig Senate, and A. Forster's speeches; A. Greiser's attitude, Hitler's position; conversation with Papee, Polish Minister.

            8 January 1936
            Pp 274/1/56-57 · Document · 1936.01.08
            Part of Private Archives

            Annual report sent off to Geneva; Budding, Regierungs-President (from East Prussia).

            Document · 1936.10.05
            Part of Private Archives

            Extract from the "Danziger Morgenzeitung" : struggle for the German cause and for National-Socialism in separated Danzig; action against the Danzig High Commissioner and the League of Nations; no need of another League of Nations High Commissioner; Poland's rights in Danzig.