Inventory list
Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
LON/BPC/ESC/6 Empire Native Policy. Speech to the House of Lords Document 1937
LON/BPC/ESC/11 The Australian Natives. Tragedy and Romance Document 1937
LON/BPC/ESC/12 Britain's Greatest African Problem Document 1936
LON/BPC/ESC/15 A Tragic Exodus. Native Distress in Nyasaland Document 1936
LON/BPC/ESC/16 What the Protectorates Fear Document 1935
LON/BPC/ESC/20 Memorandum Document 1934
LON/BPC/ESC/24.1 The Educability of the Native Document
LON/BPC/ESC/28 An Enactment for the Extinction of the Debts of Debt Slaves Document 1919
LON/BPC/ESC/31 Slavery. The Centenary of Abolition and Emancipation 1933-1934 Document 1933
LON/BPC/ESC/32 Forced Labour Document 1948