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              2086 Archival description results for Germany

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              13 March 1936
              Pp 274/1/101-102 · Document · 1936.03.13
              Part of Private Archives

              Discussion with Locht, Belgian representative, and von Radowitz, German Consul General, on Hitler's coup-de-force; ex-President Ziehm on S. Lester's actions (Ziehm was German Nationalist President of the Senate).

              14 March 1936
              Pp 274/1/102-103 · Document · 1936.03.14
              Part of Private Archives

              Meeting of the League of Nations Council in London with invitation to Germany to be represented.

              15 March 1936
              Pp 274/1/103-105 · Document · 1936.03.15
              Part of Private Archives

              Noë's prophecies and fears on the outcome of the German situation, prospects of war; Hitler's speech in Munich; German conditions to accept the invitation to attend the League of Nations Council; comments on dictatorships, Hitler and Mussolini.

              16 June 1936
              Pp 274/1/127-128 · Document · 1936.06.16
              Part of Private Archives

              Nazi demonstrations; Sean Lester might have to bring Danzig to the Special (Sanctions) sitting of the Council; possible "démarches" in Council, with Poland; difficulties between A. Greiser, President of the Danzig Senate, and A. Forster; Sean Lester's step with the German Government; Sean Lester took preventive measure possible to keep the situation from developing into a crisis requiring international action.

              19 December 1935
              Pp 274/1/43-45 · Document · 1935.12.19
              Part of Private Archives

              Von Radovitz, German Consul General, re A. Forster and A. Greiser; death of Mrs. Barton "the Queen of Geneva": Geneva parties; resignation of Sir Samuel Hoare; Anglo-French proposals.

              20 November 1935
              Pp 274/1/26-28 · Document · 1935.11.20
              Part of Private Archives

              Senator Henri Béranger's speech on League of Nations; Christian Lange (1933); Germany's withdrawal from the League of Nations.

              25 February 1936
              Pp 274/1/87-90 · Document · 1936.02.25
              Part of Private Archives

              Violent incidents in Danzig discussed with A. Greiser, President of the Danzig Senate; Note on S. Lester's report to the League of Nations on Danzig; Countess Finkenstein, big German land-owner in the East, on A. Forster's regarded as a disaster for Danzig and his possible removal; League of Nations' authority to be saved; Countess Finkenstein's talks with B. Mussolini and A. Hitler; talks about Italo-German rapprochment.