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Aghnides, Thanassis
Agh/Pp1-6/1-45 · Sub-Fonds · 1907-1963
Part of Private Archives

The collection contains items concerning Mr. Aghnides's career with the League of Nations, namely his activities with the Press Bureau of the Legation of Greece in London, the Minorities Section, the Disarmament Section, the Political Section (1918-1930). It includes also Aghnides' mission and activities as Director of the Disarmament Commission and as Under Secretary-General.

There are 4 black and white photos about Thanassis Aghnides, Salter James Arthur and Antoine Faroustou.

There are books.

Aghnides, Thanassis
G.I · Sub-Fonds · 1946-1976
Part of UNOG Registry First Period, 1946-1973

General and miscellaneous; administrative circulars and forms; missions; transfer of assets and functions and staff of the League of Nations to the United Nations; Geneva Office; conferences; educational, scientific and cultural questions; relations with national governments; correspondence with individuals and associations; International Labour Organization; Balkan Commission of Investigation; Co-ordination Committee of the United Nations; Commission on Human Rights; General Assembly; death of public men; International Committee of the Red Cross; Security Council; specialized agencies and international organizations; Kashmir Commission/India-Pakistan Commission; Committee on Berlin Currency and Trade; Palestine; declaration of death; International Civil Service Advisory Board (ICSAB); calamities; Korea; World Meteorological Organization; International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA); Special United Nations Fund for Economic Development (SUNFED); situation in Hungary; situation in Suez and Near East; Economic Commission for Africa; International Telecommunication Union (ITU); Universal Postal Union (UPU); Consultative Committee on Administrative Questions (CCAQ); relation with Swiss Authorities; United Nations Research Institute for Social Development (UNRISD); United Nations Training and Research Institute (UNITAR); Cyprus; United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD); Inter-Organization Board for Information Systems and Related Activities (IOB); International Maritime Consultative Organization (UN-IMCO); United Nations Fund for Drug Abuse Control (UNFDC).

All files were created by the central Registry of the United Nations Office in Geneva
Administration - General
G.IIA · Sub-Fonds · 1946-1977
Part of UNOG Registry First Period, 1946-1973

Administration - General; Branch Office of the United Nations; New Delhi Information Centre; staff amenities, leisures, services and activities; correspondence and records; holidays, leave, attendance and overtime; post, telegraph, telephone, and teleprinting; Staff Committee and Associations; staff rules and regulations; establishment; Staff Retirement Funds; UN Social Security Scheme, staff sickness and accidents insurance and life insurance; travel arrangements, removal and local transport; disposal of League of Nations Archives; Administrative Tribunal for the United Nations; Joint Housing Service.

G.IIB · Sub-Fonds · 1935-1988
Part of UNOG Registry First Period, 1946-1973

General and miscellaneous; land and buildings and estates; furniture and supplies; loan of buildings, rooms, staff, services and offices; supervision of buildings and neighbouring grounds; motor car service; construction of new building and extension; ITU-WMO building.

UNOG Registry
G.III · Sub-Fonds · 1943-1974
Part of UNOG Registry First Period, 1946-1973

General and miscellaneous; financial rules and regulations; budgets; United Nations Bankers; allowances for the staff; salaries; gifts and legacy; Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions; Financial Division.

G.IV · Sub-Fonds · 1946-1973
Part of UNOG Registry First Period, 1946-1973

General and miscellaneous; Registration of treaties; privileges and immunities; International Court of Justice.

Transport and Communications
G.IX · Sub-Fonds · 1946-1982
Part of UNOG Registry First Period, 1946-1973

General and miscellaneous; European Central Inland Transport Organization (ECITO); passports and frontier formalities; conferences, exhibitions, etc...; european transport experts; change of time; telecommunications; Union Postale Universelle (Universal Postal Union) (UPU); ECE Transport Division; railways; aviation; road transport; question of interest to more than one form of transport and coordination of transport; transport statistics; waterways; maritime questions; transport of dangerous goods (waterways, sea, rail, air); transport statistical returns; transport costs and accounting system inside Europe; transport tariffs problems inside Europe; technical assistance; meeting of the Mixed Working Group on the Coordination of Transport Costs and Accounting System.

G.VI · Sub-Fonds · 1947-1974
Part of UNOG Registry First Period, 1946-1973

General and miscellaneous; United Nations Organization; exhibitions; UN Radio Geneva; visual; celebrations of anniversaries; relations with Information Centers; students and fellows; conference, seminars, study tours, etc.; summer schools; education; general correspondence concerning countries and with governments; Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).

G.VII · Sub-Fonds · 1946-1973
Part of UNOG Registry First Period, 1946-1973

General and miscellaneous; Library Coordinating Committee of the United Nations Organizations; purchase, gifts, collection; Library Endowment Fund; Headquarters Reference Library; bibliographic enquiries; International Federation of Library Associations; congresses, conferences, etc.; supply and requests of publications by individuals, etc.; historical collection section.