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C1558/454/20B/16809/16809/Jacket1 · File · 1929-1931
Part of League of Nations Refugees Mixed Archival Group (Nansen Fonds)

This file contains reports from Nansen Office Far East Representative and other sources on number, causes of displacement, location and living condition of Russian refugees in Manchuria, territory of Barga; actions taken by the Nansen Office, ICRC and other refugee organisations to secure these refugees; lists of victims of massacres in Tsynkyr 3 October 1929 and in Damysowo 28 September 1929; lists of Russian or Russian naturalised Chinese refugees arrested or deported to URSS from Manchuria in November and December 1929.
Newspaper clippings:

  • Slovo Shanghai - 26 December 1929 - Où errent les réfugiés de Triokhrietchie - Trois versions de leurs épreuves
  • North-China Daily News - 24 December 1929 - Russo-Chinese Agreement - Full text of Protocol signed on Sunday: Russia's Terms for ending Conflict: New Managers coming to Harbin to take charge - Conference at Moscow on 25 January - All Prisoners to be released, Consulates reopened and Forces withdrawn on both sides
  • North-China Daily News - 8 January 1930 - Scenes of Devastation along the C.E.R.
  • North-China Daily News - 7 January 1930 - Among refugees of the war zone in North Manchuria: Scenes of mad panic and destruction - A Day at Bukutu not to be forgotten
  • North-China Daily News - 6 January 1930 - Refugees from the war zone of North Manchuria - Vivid tale of the American and Harbin Russian relief expedition: the terrible red aeroplanes - Multitudes driven destitute from homes
  • North-China Daily News - December 1929 - Letter to the Editor from the American Relief Committee, Harbin
  • No name of newspaper - No date - Tampering with Siberian mail - Second case of open mail bags discovered within four days
  • Wremia - 26 January 1930 - Le Consul général du Japon au sujet des émigrants russes
  • Kung Pao - 6 February 1930 - No. 966 - Russian refugees deported from Manchuria
  • North-China Daily News - 5 May 1930 - The sad case of white Russians in Manchuria
  • North-China Daily News? - 24 April 1930 - The sad case of white Russians in Manchuria - Driven from their homes: Pursued by Soviet's hatred: No place for them anywhere - Who will help them to migrate
  • North-China Daily News - 6 January 1930 - Letter to the Editor - The refugees of North Manchuria
  • North-China Daily News - 7 January 1930 - Under the bombs of the Soviet aeroplanes - Among refugees of the war zone in North Manchuria: Scenes of mad panic and destruction - A day at Bukutu not to be forgotten
  • The Shanghai Evening Post - 31 July 1930 - Ministry orders "White" Russian laborers excluded - Jeopardizing Chinese, order avers
  • North-China Daily News - 18 August 1931 - Escape from Russia - Hardships of hundreds of refugees - Treated without mercy
    Some more clippings in Russian.
    Other document:
    Famine Commission Bulletin - Vol.VIII.No.1 - October 1930 - published bi-monthly by the China International Famine Relief Commission
    The Lutheran - 30 April 1931 - The distress in Harbin, Siberia, Russia - Report of an investigating expedition on which United Lutheran Church in America Missionaries from China served
C1558/454/20B/16809/16809/Jacket4 · File · 1932
Part of League of Nations Refugees Mixed Archival Group (Nansen Fonds)

This file contains documents concerning the continuation of the resettlement operation of Russian refugees from Harbin to South America (Paraguay); various lists of refugees for transportation.
The fol^lowing documents :P.1.1932 - Transfer of Armenian refugees to Erivan - Russian refugees in Harbin;The Harbin Relief Committee of Russian Emigrants - The Report of the Harbin Relief Committee of Russian Emigrants in North Manchuria (China) for 1930;"Good News!" Second Report on the Evangelical Refugees in Harbin, Manchuria - "The Goal" - The Last Lap of the Long Journey from the Banks of the Volga to those of the Paraguay River will start in February 1932 - Report by the Central Bureau for Relief of the Evangelical Churches of Europe;Review and Information Bulletin of the League of Red Cross Societies - July 1932.
Some Press clippings:

  • Neue Zurcher Zeitung - 1 March 1932 - La Japon et la Russie
  • 1932 - newspaper in Russian
  • The Times - 8 March 1932 - Plight of Russian Refugees
  • Le Journal - 3 April 1932 - Un entretien avec les mennonites qui ont traversé Paris après leur évasion de Russie oú ils étaient persécutés par les Soviets
  • North China Daily News - 13 March 1932 - White Russians' Views - Reported enlistment of emigrants in the Japanese army denied
  • Le Journal - 2 April 1932 - Le long exode des mennonites qui, fuyant les Soviets, ont rejoint Marseille via Kharbine et Changhai
  • Le Matin - 2 April 1932 - Le "d'Artagnan" est arrivé à Marseille
  • Excelsior - 3 April 1932 - 373 réfugiés russes traversent la France
  • The Manchuria Daily News - 20 February 1932 - Rights and Obligations of Citizenship
  • China Sunday News - 13 March 1932 - White Russians' Views - Reported enlistment of emigrants in the Japanese army denied
  • Lettre e Kharbine - 17 April 1932 - Banditisme, terrorissme et atrocités dans la région de l'Est-Chinois
  • Le Messager d'Athènes - Les russes blanc contre les chemins de fer soviétiques
  • La Renaissance de Paris - 4 July 1932 - Les réfugiés russes en Manchurie
  • The North-China Daily News - 24 June 1932 - Harbin Letter - Dramatic kidnapping - Authorities obliged to come to terms with bandits before crowds of spectators
  • Journal des Nations - 4 August 1932 - Les Boliviens bombardent
  • Journal des Nations - 4 August 1932 - Le conflit du Chaco
  • La Renaissance de Paris - 3 August 1932 - Différend entre la Bolivie et le Paraguay - Les villages des mennonites bombardée
  • Les dernières nouvelles - 20 July 1932 - Lettre de Kharbine - "Copeaux" russes
  • La Renaissance de Paris - 21 August 1932 - Les mennonites à Chaco - Premier signe de vie
C1559/455/20B/16809/16809/Jacket5 · File · 1932-1934
Part of League of Nations Refugees Mixed Archival Group (Nansen Fonds)

The file content is about the Continuation of the evacuation of Russian and German Mennonites and other religious refugee groups from China to South America. Reports from the Nansen Office China Representatives on the transport operations; copy of Nansen passport issued to Russian refugees in China.
It also contains the following Documents:
C.A.22.1932 - 28 October 1932 - Communiqué pour information - Conseil d'administration - 6ème session - Lettre du Professeur Keller, Secr'taire général de l'Office central d'entr'aide des églises.
A set of Press clippings is included in this file content:
Heraldo de Madrid - 20 August 1932 - El viejo litigio del chaco boreal
La Renaissance - 29 January 1933 - Un moyen ingénieux de s'évader de l'URSS
Harbin Times - A decision of special importance adopted by the Government concerning Russian refugees - A special communiqué of the Harbin Times for large publicity
Les dernières nouvelles - 26 February 1933 - Les mennonites au chaco - Une lettre de l'Amérique latine
Les dernières nouvelles - 27 February 1933 - L'exportation des emigrés russes de Mandschourie en URSS
La Renaissance - 7 April 1933 - La situation à Kharbine russe
La Renaissance - 10 April 1933 - Les russes en Mandchoukouo - L'établissement agricole des emigrés russes - Le Consul soviétique proteste
La Renaissance - 25 April 1933 - Une nouvelle centaine de fugitifs de l'URSS en Mandchourie
La Renaissance - 24 April 1933 - Le Japon, l'URSS et l'émigration
Finally various documents like Association protestante internationale de prêts Genève - Rapport sur le premier exercice Année 1932
Statuts de l'Association protestante internationale de prêts Genève.

C1559/455/20B/16809/16809/Jacket6 · File · 1933-1934
Part of League of Nations Refugees Mixed Archival Group (Nansen Fonds)

The file content is related to the Transport of different religious groups originated from Russia and Germany from China to South America; financial arrangement for the transport and settlement costs; mission report of Messrs Ehrenhold and Zwerner on the transfer of Mennonites refugees from Marseille to Bordeaux for evacuation from China to Brazil.
Also these following Press clippings are at disposal in the file :
Les dernières nouvelles - 9 April 1934 - Colons hitlériens
La Renaissance - 12 May 1934 - Les réfugiée Mennonites
La petite gironde - 13 May 1934 - A bord de l'"Eubée" - La Croix-Rouge française reçoit 292 réfugiés russes
Marseille Matin - 12 May 1934 - Trois cents mennonites émigrés de Russie ont traversé hier Marseille se rendent au Brésil
Paris soir - 15 May 1934 - Cinq cents émigrants russes venant de Shanghai et partant s'établir au Brésil sont arrivés à Marseille
Paris soir - 5 October 1934 - Dans la jungle infernale du Gran Chaco - Oú l'on rencontre les pioniers memnonites hôtes pacifiques de la brousse - Les russes les canadiens, les allemands "objecteurs de conscience" vivent à deux cents kilomètres de la ligne de feu