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Document · 1936.05.30
Fait partie de Private Archives

Translation in French of K. Papee's letter regarding A. Greiser's speech on Danzig, on the Polish-German Pact, on alleged negotiations between Berlin and Geneva, as well as between Berlin and Warsaw.

Document · 1943.11.18
Fait partie de Private Archives

Talk with Pilet-Golaz, Federal Counsellor for the Political Department; general policy towards the League of Nations improved; policy over the past three years; Switzerland and the Radio Nations; affair of the League of Nations stamps; recent changes; Geneva Committee; League of Nations contribution; seat of new organisation; neutrality in war.

S. Lester's Note on Riesser
Document · 1943.12.15
Fait partie de Private Archives

Celinski met Riesser; Riesser invited in Paris in all French houses; talk on post-war German-Polish relations (East Prussia, Silesia).

Letter on French Membership
Document · 1943
Fait partie de Private Archives

Kind of draft telegram, maybe from S. Lester to C.J. Hambro (?) on France, the League of Nations and the ILO; reference to Jean-François Darlan's letter on the decision of France to leave the League of Nations.