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Administration - General
G.IIA 1 · Series · 1946-1973
Part of UNOG Registry First Period, 1946-1973

Acceptance of favour or gratuities by the staff; status of employees; badges; medical advisor; private accommodation, housing of UN officials and specialized agencies; lost articles found in the premises of the Palais des Nations; theft (confidential files); Auberge du Vieux-Bois; vaccination; restaurant, snack bar, tea-room; use of ILO restaurant by UNOG staff; UN/WHO Investigating Committee on restauration; restaurant and cafeteria equipment and premises, financial arrangement; newspaper stand; charity collections; Consultative Commission of UN Organization in Geneva; mail service; security measures; WMO; use of Palais for publicity; Swiss censes; European Council for Nuclear Research; hotel reservation; construction of the International Conference Centre; Fondation Immobilière pour les organisation internationales (FIPOI); problems concerning French international officials; Librairie Payot; requests from ex staff (IRO, UNRRA); UN Housing Service, etc.

AgaKhan/Pp335/1 · Series · 1980-1992
Part of Private Archives

Materials related to Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan's work in Afghanistan as the United Nations Special envoy to Afghanistan.

Aga Khan, Prince Sadruddin
Alfred Fried's Papers
Series · 1878-1921
Part of International Peace Movements

The Fried Papers consist of a wide variety of documents relating to Fried's personal life and professional career.
Fried's private and professional correspondence has, with the exception of those letters received during the First World War, been almost completely preserved. It starts in 1880 with letters that Fried, while residing in Hamburg, received from his family and from friends, and it ends in 1921. The best documented periods are those from 1892 to 1914, and those from 1919 to 1921. Special mention must be made of the numerous letters, postcards, and billets addressed over 23 years by Bertha von Suttner to A. H. Fried. A like completeness cannot be stated as regards Fried's manuscripts of books, brochures, articles and speeches. The years 1892 to 1903 in particular are rather sparsely covered.

Alfred Herrmann Fried (1864-1921).
Allowances for the Staff
G.III 5 · Series · 1944-1973
Part of UNOG Registry First Period, 1946-1973

Installation allowances and daily living allowances; representation allowances; travel and subsistence rules and rates (per diem); travel and susbsistence rules for members of committees and commissions; special acting allowances for the duration of conference; expatriation allowance and repatriation grant; children allowances; payment to headquarters staff (per diem roster); dependency credit under staff assessment plan; language bonus examinations; travel claims; cost of living survey; non-resident allowance; hospitality expenses; education grant purposes; assignment allowances; service benefit; honoraria and special allowances to members of UN commissions and committees; housing subsidy.