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LON/BPC/EDU · Série · 1919-1953
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This series contains bibliographies, congress programmes, governmental and other brochures, pamphlets, theses, books and periodicals. The publications range in date from 1919 to 1953 although most of the documents date from the late 1930s. Most documents are written in English or French, some in Spanish or Porugese, very few in German and other languages. The bibliophical and general section contains mostly official publications by the International Bureau of Education, the Panamerican Union and the governmental institutions wheras most of the documents on libraries, literature, sexual education and sports were provided by private associations.

Protection de la Famille
LON/BPC/FAM · Série · 1924-1960
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This series is comprised of 77 titles (including two duplicate copies, which are not numbered) and contains pampletes, reprints, brochures, leagal texts, bulletins, books and congress protocols. The publications range in date from 1924 to 1960 (with greatest coverage in the 1930s) and are written in nine different languages, some items having several translations. The main topics are questions of family care, social care, health care, schools and children's homes.