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Archival description
S326bis/14/6 · File · 1939.06.01-1939.06.18
Part of League of Nations Secretariat

The request from the Free City of reduction of customs inspectors addressed to the Polish government was not approved. So the tension remains in the field of customs policy in Danzig and Poland threatens retorsion if Danzig executes its wish about the reduction of Polish customs officers.

S344/9/4 · File · 1919-1923
Part of League of Nations Secretariat

This file contains correspondence, official reports, petitions, and other documents related to the status of minorities of Hungarian origin in Czechoslovakia, Romania, and the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes (Yugoslavia), as well as the status of minority groups, particularly Ruthenians, located in Hungary. It additionally contains some reports and correspondence on the White Terror in Hungary.