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Claparède/71/1 · File · 1912-1917
Part of Private Archives

1.1 - Jul. 1912: Miscellaneous No.8, correspondence respecting the Treatment of British Colonial subjects and native Indians employed in the Collection of Rubber in the Putumayo district;
1.2 - Aug. 1912: Africa No.2, correspondence respecting Contract Labour in Portuguese West Africa (two sheets with handwritten notes inside the text);
1.3 - Feb. 1913: Africa No.2, further correspondence respecting Contract Labour in Portuguese West Africa (in continuation of Africa No.2, 1912);
1.4 - Apr. 1914: Africa No.4, further correspondence respecting Contract Labour in Portuguese West Africa (in continuation of Africa No.2, 1913);
1.5 - Jul. 1915: Africa No.1, further correspondence respecting Contract Labour in Portuguese West Africa (in continuation of Africa No.1, 1915);
1.6 - Apr. 1917: Africa No.1, further correspondence respecting Contract Labour in Portuguese West Africa (in continuation of Africa No.1, 1915).

Claparède/71/2 · File · 1918-1923
Part of Private Archives

2.7 - Aug. 1918: Union of South Africa, Report on the Natives of South-West Africa and their Treatment by Germany, Prepared in the Administrator's Office, Windhuk, South-West Africa;
2.8 - 22 Jun. 1922: Union of South Africa, South-West Africa Territory, Report of the Administrator on the Bodelzwarts Rising, 1922;
2.9 - 19 Mar. 1923: Union of South Africa, Report of the Commission Appointed to Enquire into the Rebellion of the Bodelzwarts;
2.10 - 4 Apr. 1923: Union of South Africa, Memorandum by the Administration of South-West Africa on the Report of the Commission Appointed to Enquire into the Rebellion of the Bodelzwarts.

Arnhold/7/1 · File · 1904-1985
Part of Private Archives
  • Oct. 1904 - Nov. 1913: List of correspondence, copies of letters and postal and visiting cards (originals are probably to be found in teh Swarthmore College Peace Collection: 'Cronicle to the SCPC', 1981, p. 105/No. 1145);
  • Arnhold Saga;
  • Jul. 1913 - Dec. 1919: Originals of letters, copies of photos (originals are to be found in the LON photo collection), press clippings, incl. portrait of G. Arnhold;
  • Article from 'Neues Wiener' Journal by A.H. Fried;
  • Nov. 1919: Obituary to Ella Lewenz, born Arnhold (July 1954) and postcard from A.H. Fried to Arnhold;
  • 'Fouldeways Bulletin' (see pp. 2-3 re Bertha von Suttner);
  • 'Handbuch der Friedenbewegung' by A.H. Fried, Leipzig 1911, Rechenbachsche Verlagsbuchhandlung;
  • Jul. 1913 - Dec. 1919: Original letters from A.H. Freid to Arnhold;
  • Nov. 1985: Letter from A. Osterkampf.
Garcia-Palacios/83/1 · File · 1940
Part of Private Archives
  • Information and correspondence re missing French military;
  • German air forces;
  • US pilots;
  • Radio emission of London and Moscow;
  • Latin America;
  • Correspondence with: Amadieu, Bach, Bandeira de Mello, Barreto, Biessy, Chardin, Delcroix, Delechat, Drufuka, Fehr, Fontana, Francisco, Gajardo, Gauthier, Guggenheim, Guillen, Hayot, Ivovich, Keller, Linares, Mikszon, Nogueira, Pilet, Piontek, Prieto, Simoni, Ternberg, Unsain, Walker;
  • Personal correspondence.
Issues of 'Adriatico Nostro'
Claparède/71/3 · File · 1924-1926
Part of Private Archives

3.11 - May 1924: 'Adriatico Nostro' Nos 40-41;
3.12 - Jul. 1924: 'Adriatico Nostro' Nos 42-43;
3.13 - Nov. 1924: 'Adriatico Nostro' Nos 46-47;
3.14 - Jan. 1925: 'Adriatico Nostro' Nos 49;
3.15 - Mar. 1925: 'Adriatico Nostro' Nos 50-51;
3.16 - Jul. 1925: 'Adriatico Nostro' Nos 54-55;
3.17 - Sep. 1925: 'Adriatico Nostro' Nos 56-57;
3.18 - Nov. 1925: 'Adriatico Nostro' Nos 58-59;
3.19 - Mar. 1926: 'Adriatico Nostro' Nos 62-63.

Boisseau/17/1 · File · 1920-1932
Part of Private Archives
  • Notes de J.A. Buero au Secrétaire Général concernant
    1) certificats d'enregistrement (June 1932)
    2) présentation des traités par l'Allemagne avant son entrée dans la SDN and enclosed Secretary-General's letter to Governments concerning general procedure of registration and publication of Treaties and other international engagements (July 1920)
    3) prise de l'acte des résolutions de la SDN par le gouvernement allemand (April 1932) et traduction de sa lettre ci-joint (August 1920);
  • June 1922:
    Aide-mémoire sur les observations de la section juridique du Secrétariat au memorandum de la délégation polonaise;
    Mémorandum concernant des observations à l'enregistrement de l'arrangement du 20 janvier 1921 entre l'Allemagne et la Pologne, concernant le plébiscite en Haute-Silésie;
  • September 1922:
    Note pour le Consul d'Allemagne concernant le traité germano-dantzicois relatif aux fonctionnaires;
  • August 1925:
    Notes pour M. van Hamel concernant
    1) les objections polonaises à l'enregistrement de traités d'une partie non-membre de la SDN,
    2) l'enregistrement des protocoles allemand et polonais;
  • March 1927:
    Note pour McKinnon Wood concernant la procédure de l'enregistrement des traités prévoyant la notification à la partie contractante non-membre de la SDN;
  • March 1927:
    Note pour le Secrétaire-Général concernant certains traités dans lesquels le gouvernement soviétique est une des hautes parties contractantes.
Hostie/92/1 · File · 1948
Part of Private Archives

Study in international organisation, a short History of what was performed, or attempted, at Geneva between the two World Wars concerning inland transport, shipping, aviation, telecommunications, postal services, electric power and public work and activities of the Organisation concerned with international legislation or settlement of disputes between atates (preface pp 1-10, text pp. 1-135, annexes I-VIII, Washington, 1948).

Avenol/16/1 · File · 1921-1927
Part of Private Archives
  • Nov. 1921: Interview with Volkmann and note on conversation with him;
  • Oct. 1921: Note to the President of the Senate and to the Senators of the Free City of Dantzig;
  • s.d.: Note on economic position of Dantzig;
  • Feb. 1927: Letter to Drummond; Report on Dantzig (parts I and II);
  • Apr. 1925: Address of R. Haking, High Commissioner of LON in Bucarest; Correspondence with Rajchman, J. Motta.
De Visscher/79/1 · File · 1923.12
Part of Private Archives

Mémoire sur les questions soumises au Comité de juristes chargés d'étudier les questions d'interprétation du Pacte et d'autres points de droit international soulevés à l'occasion du différend italo-grec.