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G.III · Sub-Fonds · 1943-1974
Part of UNOG Registry First Period, 1946-1973

General and miscellaneous; financial rules and regulations; budgets; United Nations Bankers; allowances for the staff; salaries; gifts and legacy; Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions; Financial Division.

Part of Private Archives

The papers, which have been provisionally classified, contain printed material and copies of official reports, but also original items.

The papers originate from the fonds created by Marshal Lyautey at Thorey-Lyautey. They consist of 11 files including 112 numbered items. They enable us to better understand what Marshal Lyautey's social thought in Asia and Africa was.

Lyautey, Louis Hubert Gonzalve
Martin, William
Part of Private Archives

Besides press cuttings and literary manuscripts, the papers contain, for example "conversations" (notes dictated or written by Martin after meetings), 1915-1933, and copies of his reports to the Director of the International Labour Office.

Martin, William
Politis, Nicolas Socrate
Part of Private Archives

These private papers also include papers of Mrs. Cattarina Politis, wife of Nicolas Socrate Politis, and of Mr. Athanassiou Politis, brother of Nicolas Socrate Politis.

They also consist of 12 files about the activities of the Hague Academy (administration, teachers, etc., 1923-1939) and some general correspondence (1927-1942).

Politis, Nicolas Socrate
Hill, William Martin
Part of Private Archives

The collection consists of more than 550 files of correspondence, as well as about 60 books, pamphlets and various documents (letters, press cuttings, articles of periodicals, etc.) concerning the work of the League of Nations and the United Nations, that is to say:

  • the League of Nations Princeton Mission;
  • the Bruce Committee;
  • the United Nations Conference on International Organization held in San Francisco from 25 April to 26 June 1945 (founding of the United Nations);
  • the transfer of the League of Nations' assets and powers to the United Nations (it includes original documents and correspondence on the agreements between Switzerland and the United Nations, as well as the United Nations and the United States);
  • the book M.W. Hill wrote on diplomatic privileges and immunities;
  • the first activities of the United Nations in London, Hunter College and Lake Success before the seat was established in Manhattan;
  • the role played by ECOSOC and the United Nations coordination (ACABQ, JIU, etc.) with its specialized institutions;
  • the repatriation of Greek children and other refugees at the end of the war (including restricted documents);
  • the founding of the United Nations University;
  • the founding of the World Tourism Organization;
  • the book M.W. Hill wrote on the coordination of the economic and social organs and the United Nations restructuring;
  • and WIPO.
Hill, William Martin
Firuz, Nosratdoleh
Part of Private Archives

The documents entrusted to the Archives of the League of Nations cover, for a large part, the period 1919-1920, during which Prince Firuz Nosratdoleh played a determining role in the international arena.

One can distinguish three major themes:

  • the representation of Persia at the Paris Peace Conference in 1919 (to defend the
    rectification of its borders);
  • the Anglo-Persian Agreement of 1919;
  • Persia's membership of the League of Nations and its appeal to the latter by Prince
    Firuz following the Soviet invasion of Persian territory (May 1920).

Other documents concern relations between Iran and the Caucasian Republics or the petroleum company "Anglo-Persian Oil Company".

The inventory presented here consists of a list of all the documents that were donated to the Archives of the League of Nations in their chronological order. Complying with the Archives Group's practice with regard to inventories, the document analysis is given either in English or in French according to the language in which the original document was written.

Firuz's papers also include a volume, third in a series, entitled:
The Collected Documents, Correspondence, and Memoirs of Firuz Mirza Firuz (Nosrat al-Dowleh). This volume comprises the documents pertaining to his tenure as Minister of Foreign affairs, from 1919 to 1920.

The introduction relates to the life of Prince Firuz Nosratdoleh, his close relationship with his father Abd al-Hosein Mirza Farmanfarma, and his political role.

The documents are divided into three sections :

  • the first part consists of the correspondence of Prince Firuz Nosratdoleh with the
    Prime Minister Vosuq al-Dolweh and dwells mainly on the Agreement of 1919, Iran's
    relationship with the newly liberated Caucasian Republics of southern Russia and
    more specifically Iran's claims to rectification of her frontiers and demands for war
  • the second section deals with Iran's attempts to gain admission to the Peace
    Conference of Versailles and San Remo, her membership in the League of Nations
    and particularly her complaint to the League of Nations against Soviet agressions in
    May 1920.
  • the third section deals with Prince Firuz Nosratdoleh's correspondence with the
    Anglo-Persian Oil Company.
Firuz, Nosratdoleh