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15 July 1940 (2)
Pp 274/1/483-484 · Document · 1940.07.15
Fait partie de Private Archives

Letter of A. Sweetser to S. Lester in reply to S. Lester's notes on the Geneva and League of Nations situation and the war situation in general.

15 July 1940 (3)
Pp 274/1/593-598 · Document · 1940.07.15
Fait partie de Private Archives

A. Sweetser's letter to S. Lester: the war situation in Europe, A. Sweetser's activities and contacts in the USA, C.J. Hambro's view on the possibility of part of the League of Nations coming over to USA, the complication in connection with the ILO coming.

26 August 1940 (2)
Pp 274/1/629-632 · Document · 1940.08.26
Fait partie de Private Archives

Letter from A. Sweetser (United States), League of Nations Association at New York City, to S. Lester: arrival at the United States of the first members of the staff of the League of Nations technical services, including A. Loveday as Director of the Economic and Financial Section; Business lunch at Princeton with A. Sweetser, C.J. Hambro (Norway), League of Nations first Deputy Secretary General, A. Loveday,
Dr. Aydelotte and Riefler of the Institute, Brakeley of Princeton University and Walter Stewart, member of the Institute and Chairman of the Board of the Rockefeller Foundation; settlement at Princeton of the League of Nations Economic group and working facilities; other League of Nations sections notably opium and health hopefully awaited.

7 November 1940
Pp 274/1/660 · Document · 1940.11.07
Fait partie de Private Archives

A. Sweetser's letter to transmit to S. Lester a message of sympathy from C.J. Hambro.

1 August 1941
Pp 274/2/823-825 · Document · 1941.08.01
Fait partie de Private Archives

S. Lester's letter to A. Sweetser: the restricted nature of the Secretary General's report, a note on "the deserted Palace", Rockefeller's letter, and the Supervisory Commission.

4 October 1941
Pp 274/2/841-846 · Document · 1941.10.04
Fait partie de Private Archives

S. Lester's comments in reply to A. Sweetser's letter about publicity made on the League of Nations: no mention about the difficulties S. Lester faced to maintain the League of Nations headquarters at Geneva and get enough money to carry on vital technical activities, no mention about the fact that the more efforts made for economies and they were tremendous, the more they demanded; for publicity two things are needed: one is work or results and the other is an adequate press service, but the second is absolutely useless without the former; no mention about the fact that nothing mattered that was not on the American continent; Welles' speech was almost the only public declaration by any statesman on the League of Nations; for governments the decline in activity and importance of the League of Nations was more striking than what had been kept and what had been done; S. Lester wished the Supervisory Commission to visit Geneva.

17 December 1941
Pp 274/2/925-927 · Document · 1941.12.17
Fait partie de Private Archives

Letter of S. Lester to A. Sweetser: review of 1941; ILO Conference.

General and Miscellaneous
G.VII 1 · Série · 1946-1973
Fait partie de UNOG Registry First Period, 1946-1973

Organization of the Library in Geneva; monthly list of book catalogue; admission of library students (interns); supply of documents by Headquarters Distribution Section, by the Sales Section, by the Department of Public Information; access and loan; visits to the Geneva Library; binding service; renovation of Periodical Reading Room; correspondence with governments, individuals and asssociations; furniture for room 352 (Archives); WHO photostat charges; dictionnaires, United Nations Bulletin; relations with other European Office services; relations with FAO, UNDP, UNHCR, ECE, WHO, UNCTAD, UNITAR, UN Social Defense Research Institute; papers of Lord Perth (Sir Eric Drummond), of Mr. Avenol, of Mr. Sean Lester; correspondence on Rockfeller Foundation (Mr. Sweetser); lost books; correspondence with Mr. Donald Cook, with Noel-Baker, with Bertram Pickard, concerning Verwaltungshochschule, ARGUS international de la presse S.A., Maison des Sciences de l'Homme, OCEANA Publications, Inc., Research Publications, Inc.; publication of Mr. G. Thompson's thesis; missions of and correspondence with Mr. Breycha-Vauthier; lighting of Library; International Conferences on the Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy 1955-1958; Conference of Experts on Nuclear Tests 1958-1959; Conference on Diplomatic Intercourse and Immunities 1961; Nansen Office stamps; protection of Library material; "Danzig Archives"; questionnaires, enquiries and requests; missions; computer-assisted indexing; reproduction printing, filming; Library staff's private obligations or outside activities.

4 June 1940 (1)
Pp 274/1/443-446 · Document · 1940.06.04
Fait partie de Private Archives

Letter from A. Sweetser, United States, to S. Lester on A. Loveday's move to US.