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28 November 1941
Pp 274/2/893-896 · Document · 1941.11.28
Part of Private Archives

J. Avenol received by Marshal Pétain in Vichy, as well as Colonel Bach, a new Prefet, a former military expert, who was J. Avenol's personal agent in Paris; expulsion of Russia from the League of Nations.

Document · 1936.07.11
Part of Private Archives

Anxiety of Colonel J. Beck, Polish Minister for Foreign Affairs, regarding the situation; S. Lester and K. Papée, Polish Minister, on necessary communication arrangements in case of emergency; all opposition papers suppressed; K. Papée's information on the suppression of opposition parties; S. Lester and K. Papée on A. Greiser's violent speeches against the League of Nations; Polish press pressure on Government; Danzig opposition and Senate's attitude.

Document · 1936.07.17
Part of Private Archives

Possible Danzig settlement; A. Greiser's possible resignation; High Commissioner as element in bargaining; S. Lester's interesting notes on Danzig events for talks with J. Avenol and members of the Council; S. Lester's contretemps to the first visit of the Italian Consul General, Count Ponzone; S. Lester's appointment with Noel, French Ambassador in Warsaw, one of the finest French diplomats; S. Lester's awareness of his responsibilities and the fact he was sitting at "the most dangerous point" in the European situation, as Noel noticed it.

Document · 1936.08.01
Part of Private Archives

Committee of Three and S. Lester's report; context of general European situation and difficult position of the League of Nations in Danzig; K. Papée on the German satisfactory reply to the Polish note, since Germany did not intend to do anything affecting the statute of Danzig; possible attacks on the High Commissioner with a view to prevent the League of Nations from guaranteeing the Constitution.

Document · 1936
Part of Private Archives

S. Lester's appointment, on 30 September 1936, as League of Nations Deputy Secretary-General, was entirely J. Avenol's initiative; Secretariat's reactions regarding his appointment; League of Nations Assembly on the admission of the Abyssinian delegation; Locarno Conference; fear of Germany; Osusky, Czechoslovakian Minister in Paris, on Germany, Hitler, and Czechoslovakia; F. Walters' pessimistic view regarding great nations and the League of Nations, as well as a possible aggression launched by Germany; K. Papée on Polish policy and Danzig-Polish relations; S. Lester in Prague to meet Bruins, who used to be the American Consul in Danzig.

Document · 1936.10.19
Part of Private Archives

In consequence of the Danzig Government's defiance and obstruction rendering the operation of the League of Nations mandate impossible, and of S. Lester's new appointment, the League of Nations Council decided to lay upon the Polish Government the main responsibility in Danzig; A. Forster's speech attacking S. Lester; Danzig celebrations following the announcement of S. Lester's departure received a chill when the Council resolution was known; A. Greiser's speech stating that Danzig had obtained its full sovereignty; campaign against Opposition.