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Private Archives
Fonds · 1884-1986

This archive group assembles documents, personal memoirs and records, which were in private possession of either League of Nations officials or consultants to the League of Nations and were incorporated in the Archives of the League of Nations after its liquidation. It includes the papers of: Thanassis Aghnides; Georg Arnhold; International Association of Journalists; Association genevoise pour la SDN; Joseph Louis Avenol; Beyerly; Gabrielle Boisseau; K.A. Chavichvili; René Claparède; Charles de Visscher; Constance Drexel; James Eric Drummond; Estonia/Karl Selter; Nosratdoleh Firuz; Carlos Garcia Palacios; Robert Henri Graf; William Martin Hill; Jan Hostie; International Federation of League of Nations Societies; James Avery Joyce, Esq.; Lecomte; Sean Lester; Alexander Loveday; Louis Hubert Gonzalve Lyautey; Paul Joseph Mantoux; William Martin; René Mayer; Wlodzimierz Moderow; Laura Puffer Morgan; Adrianus Pelt; Nicolas Socrate Politis; T.P. Sevensma; Alfred Silbernagel; Witney Hart Shepardson; Smelter, Trail Tribunal; Royall Tyler; F.M. Van Asbeck; Wurm.

Avenol, Joseph Louis
Sub-Fonds · 1921-1956
Part of Private Archives

The greater part of Joseph Avenol's papers (Deputy Secretary-General 1923-1933, Secretary-General, 1933-40) are kept by the Archives of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The seventeen files kept here (two of which consist of photostats) are of varied provenance and content. Among the papers are, for example, an interview with Avenol conducted by Stephen Schwebel (author of "The Secretary-General of the United Nations", 1952) and letters written about Avenol after his death.

Avenol, Joseph Louis
Drummond/Pp81/2 · File · 1922.06-1926.11
Part of Private Archives

Telegramme concerning possible transferring of the meeting of the Commission members from Paris to Geneva and resignation of Attolico as Secretary (de la Commission temporaire mixte pour la réduction des armements);
Record of interviews with
1) Gibson regarding Private Manufacture of Arms, preparatory Committee, Disarmament Conference
2) Winslow concerning the work of the preparatory Committee for the Disarmament Conference
3) Viscount Ischii re Disarmament Conference;

  • March 1925: Note to Avenol, Mantoux and Salter re meeting with M. Nintchich and Disarmament Conference, Preparatory Committee, etc.;
  • Apr. 1926: Correspondence with Esther, Viviani, L. Bourgeois, W.H.M. Selby, Cecil;
    Memo for the American Ambassador re the Preparatory Committee.
S542/1 · Series · 1930.03-1930.11
Part of League of Nations Refugees Mixed Archival Group (Nansen Fonds)

The reorganisation of the refugee work was initiated following the decisions taken during the 10th Assembly to wind up the refugee organisation within 10 years. The file contains discussions, comments made by Messrs. T. Lodge, I. Kerno, Avenol, Walters on the operation and financial arrangements and the transfer of refugee operations to the League of Nations through the creation of a "International Refugees Office". It also proposed to creat an Executive Council or Committee to oversee the liquidation. It mentioned the nomination of a new High Commissioner following the death of F. Nansen. There was correspondence with other officials of the League, with individual who looked for openings in the new organisation and with an NGO called the "American Society for Relief of Russian Exiles, Inc.", "Joint Foreign Committee of the Jewish Board of Deputies and the Anglo-Jewish Association". It also contains the inputs to the draft report of the Secretary-Genera on the future organisation of refugee work and a League document A.34.1930.XIII dated 5 September 1930 on "Russian, Armenian, Assyrian, Assyro-Chaldrean and the Turkish Refugees - Report by the Inter-Governmental Advisory Commission attached to the High Commissioner for Refugees".

League of Nations Political Section file (Mr. Kerno)
R5623/20A/25548/4110 · File · 1931-1939
Part of League of Nations Refugees Mixed Archival Group (Nansen Fonds)

File contains:

  • League of Nations document A.27.1931 of 27 July 1931 "Office international Nansen pour les réfugiés - Rapport du Conseil d'administration à la Douzième Assemblée de la Société des Nations"
  • "Office international Nansen pour les réfugiés sous l'autorité de la Société des Nations - Comité de direction et Commission des finances - Extrait du rapport de la 23ème session mixte tenue les 7 et 8 septembre 1936"
  • memorandum to the Governing Body of the Nansen International Office for Refugees from T.F.Johnson regarding his personal situation
  • various correspondence between J. Avenol, League of Nations Secretary-General, M. Pilotti, M. Hansson, T.F. Johnson, etc.
R5623/20A/24038/4110 · File · 1931-1936
Part of League of Nations Refugees Mixed Archival Group (Nansen Fonds)

File contains:

  • League of Nations document of 19 January 1931 "Statuts de l'Office international Nansen pour les réfugiés"
  • various correspondence between Michael Hansson, J. Avenol, G. Thélin, International Labour Office, M. Pilotti and Hallsten-Kallia.
R5622/20A/5634/4110 · File · 1933
Part of League of Nations Refugees Mixed Archival Group (Nansen Fonds)

Report dated 30 August 1933 of the Governing Body of the Nansen International Office for Refugees submitted to the League of Nations thirteenth Assembly in 1932

File including:

  • one copy in English and one copy in French of the League of Nations official document A.19 dated 30 August 1933: "Nansen International Office for Refugees - Report of the Governing Body";
  • two letters dated 15 July 1933 and 21 August 1933 from the Nansen International Office for Refugees addressed to J. Avenol, Secretary-General of the League of Nations, for communication and observations regarding the draft of the Report on the refugee work prepared by the Governing Body to the forthcoming Session of the Assembly of the League of Nations;
  • a document J.C.17-1933 "Report of the Governing Body - Chapter I: Introduction - a) Assembly and Council resolutions b) Modifications of the composition of the Governing Body and of the other organs of the Office c) Inter-Governmental Advisory Commission for Refugees, etc. Chapter II: Action on the resolutions adopted by the Assembly at its XIIIth Session - a) Refugee Convention b) Settlement of Armenian Refugees in Syria c) Transfers of Armenian Refugees to the Armenian (Erivan) Republic etc. Chapter III: General activities of the Office - a) Existing state of the refugees problems b) Settlement of the refugees, including tables regarding the "Interventions on behalf of refugees made by the representatives of the Office during the period from July 1st 1932 to May 31st 1933", "Loans granted to organisations from July 1st 1932 to May 15th 1933" and "Refugees settled between July 1st 1932 and May 31st 1933, in the countries where they reside by means of small loans enabling them to become self-supporting - Other assistance by small loans" Chapter IV: Funds administered by the Office and Chapter V: Conclusion regarding "Proposals for the progressive liquidation of the refugee problems", and "Settlement and relief measures";
  • two draft copies (one in English and one in French) of document J.C.17-1933 with annotations;
  • lists of members of the Governing Body, of staff and representatives, of members of the Inter-Governmental Advisory Commission for Refugees, of organisations members of the Advisory Committee of private refugee relief organisations;
  • a report by the President of the Governing Body on his tour in Syria;
  • extracts from the Report of the Representative of the Office in Yugoslavia;
  • and funds regarding the Near East.