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Document · 1938.03.29
Fait partie de Private Archives

Von Neurath's opposition to the Anschluss was one of the reasons of his dismissal; A. Forster's role, trip to Italy, Poland; Danzig and German plebiscite; poor press reporting; A. Hitler on the role of Danzig between Poland and Germany; the League of Nations has lost in Danzig; 2000 Jews in Danzig still trust in the League of Nations.

29 May 1941
Pp 274/2/812-814 · Document · 1941.05.29
Fait partie de Private Archives

S. Lester's letter to A. Loveday: S. Lester's negative opinion of S. Jacklin, because of the promises S. Jacklin made to J. Avenol concerning J. Avenol's remuneration.

28 November 1941
Pp 274/2/893-896 · Document · 1941.11.28
Fait partie de Private Archives

J. Avenol received by Marshal Pétain in Vichy, as well as Colonel Bach, a new Prefet, a former military expert, who was J. Avenol's personal agent in Paris; expulsion of Russia from the League of Nations.

6 September 1940
Pp 274/2/932-935 · Document · 1940.09.06
Fait partie de Private Archives

Press cuttings: "Leader page parade" on S. Lester's career; "Geneva Guardian" on S. Lester as the keeper of the Palace of the Nations; "Danzig mansion" on S. Lester as High Commissioner in Danzig; "New duties for Mr. Lester" on S. Lester as League of Nations' Deputy Secretary-General; "League begins closing down" on J. Avenol as League of Nations' Secretary-General declaring a state of emergency and announcing the staff's dismissal.