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17 July 1940 (1)
274/1/487-489 · Document · 1940.07.17
Part of Private Archives

J. Avenol's proposals to T. Aghnides (Greece), League of Nations Under Secretary-General: T. Aghnides in charge of the remnants of the League of Nations Secretariat but with restricted powers, while J. Avenol in semi-retirement, T. Aghnides wanted to resign, J. Avenol refused; J. Avenol's proposals: exclusion of the "Anglo-Saxon world" (Great Britain and America) from Europe; Swiss Authorities would not mind the disappearance of the League of Nations, the removal of some technical sections to other countries and the resignation of the Secretary-General; J. Avenol tried to get S. Lester's resignation.

Drummond/Pp81/2 · File · 1922.06-1926.11
Part of Private Archives

Telegramme concerning possible transferring of the meeting of the Commission members from Paris to Geneva and resignation of Attolico as Secretary (de la Commission temporaire mixte pour la réduction des armements);
Record of interviews with
1) Gibson regarding Private Manufacture of Arms, preparatory Committee, Disarmament Conference
2) Winslow concerning the work of the preparatory Committee for the Disarmament Conference
3) Viscount Ischii re Disarmament Conference;

  • March 1925: Note to Avenol, Mantoux and Salter re meeting with M. Nintchich and Disarmament Conference, Preparatory Committee, etc.;
  • Apr. 1926: Correspondence with Esther, Viviani, L. Bourgeois, W.H.M. Selby, Cecil;
    Memo for the American Ambassador re the Preparatory Committee.
General and Miscellaneous
G.VII 1 · Series · 1946-1973
Part of UNOG Registry First Period, 1946-1973

Organization of the Library in Geneva; monthly list of book catalogue; admission of library students (interns); supply of documents by Headquarters Distribution Section, by the Sales Section, by the Department of Public Information; access and loan; visits to the Geneva Library; binding service; renovation of Periodical Reading Room; correspondence with governments, individuals and asssociations; furniture for room 352 (Archives); WHO photostat charges; dictionnaires, United Nations Bulletin; relations with other European Office services; relations with FAO, UNDP, UNHCR, ECE, WHO, UNCTAD, UNITAR, UN Social Defense Research Institute; papers of Lord Perth (Sir Eric Drummond), of Mr. Avenol, of Mr. Sean Lester; correspondence on Rockfeller Foundation (Mr. Sweetser); lost books; correspondence with Mr. Donald Cook, with Noel-Baker, with Bertram Pickard, concerning Verwaltungshochschule, ARGUS international de la presse S.A., Maison des Sciences de l'Homme, OCEANA Publications, Inc., Research Publications, Inc.; publication of Mr. G. Thompson's thesis; missions of and correspondence with Mr. Breycha-Vauthier; lighting of Library; International Conferences on the Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy 1955-1958; Conference of Experts on Nuclear Tests 1958-1959; Conference on Diplomatic Intercourse and Immunities 1961; Nansen Office stamps; protection of Library material; "Danzig Archives"; questionnaires, enquiries and requests; missions; computer-assisted indexing; reproduction printing, filming; Library staff's private obligations or outside activities.

6 May 1936
Pp 274/1/107-121 · Document · 1936.05.06
Part of Private Archives

Events of past six weeks - New Danzig government policy; role of Hitler; riots in Poland, anti-sovietism; session with Danzig Senate; possible renewal of S. Lester's mandate; 11 May session of League of Nations; Abyssinia; S. Lester's re-appointment: A. Eden, J. Avenol; future League of Nations position in Danzig; disarray in Geneva; Dublin reaction to work in Danzig; American Shoe Club: collection of shoes that have been worn by men of renown.

17 January 1937
Pp 274/1/135A · Document · 1937.01.17
Part of Private Archives

Discussion of report first with F.P. Walters and then with J. Avenol - Sean Lester's report could be misinterpreted as anti-Nazi; however it received full support as for its politics.

21 January 1937
Pp 274/1/136 · Document · 1937.01.21
Part of Private Archives

Lunch at Avenol's with Council: means usual Foreign Ministers, A. Eden, Delbos, Litvinov, J. Beck, Aras, Sandler, Antonesco (Rum.) Spain, etc. - Candidates for the Danzig post; J. Beck's report: façade of guarantee; Council's difficult position.

20 April 1937
Pp 274/1/152-153 · Document · 1937.04.20
Part of Private Archives

Film on the League of Nations with S. Lester, J. Avenol and Vladimir Sokoline; talks with V. Sokoline from Union of Soviet Socialists Republics, League of Nations Secretariat official, office of the Secretary General.

January 1939
Pp 274/1/279-280 · Document · 1939.01
Part of Private Archives

"A terrible year": historical upheavals; N. Chamberlain not very efficient; Stein, USSR Ambassador in Rome, thought the Duce would invade Tunisian territory; J. Avenol and S. Lester sceptical as to this form of crisis.

19 December 1938
Pp 274/1/281-285 · Document · 1938.12.19
Part of Private Archives

John M. O'Sullivan to S. Lester; reductions in League of Nations budget; J. Avenol-Ludwig Rajchman (Poland) feud.