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17 July 1940 (1)
274/1/487-489 · Document · 1940.07.17
Part of Private Archives

J. Avenol's proposals to T. Aghnides (Greece), League of Nations Under Secretary-General: T. Aghnides in charge of the remnants of the League of Nations Secretariat but with restricted powers, while J. Avenol in semi-retirement, T. Aghnides wanted to resign, J. Avenol refused; J. Avenol's proposals: exclusion of the "Anglo-Saxon world" (Great Britain and America) from Europe; Swiss Authorities would not mind the disappearance of the League of Nations, the removal of some technical sections to other countries and the resignation of the Secretary-General; J. Avenol tried to get S. Lester's resignation.

6 May 1936
Pp 274/1/107-121 · Document · 1936.05.06
Part of Private Archives

Events of past six weeks - New Danzig government policy; role of Hitler; riots in Poland, anti-sovietism; session with Danzig Senate; possible renewal of S. Lester's mandate; 11 May session of League of Nations; Abyssinia; S. Lester's re-appointment: A. Eden, J. Avenol; future League of Nations position in Danzig; disarray in Geneva; Dublin reaction to work in Danzig; American Shoe Club: collection of shoes that have been worn by men of renown.

17 January 1937
Pp 274/1/135A · Document · 1937.01.17
Part of Private Archives

Discussion of report first with F.P. Walters and then with J. Avenol - Sean Lester's report could be misinterpreted as anti-Nazi; however it received full support as for its politics.

21 January 1937
Pp 274/1/136 · Document · 1937.01.21
Part of Private Archives

Lunch at Avenol's with Council: means usual Foreign Ministers, A. Eden, Delbos, Litvinov, J. Beck, Aras, Sandler, Antonesco (Rum.) Spain, etc. - Candidates for the Danzig post; J. Beck's report: façade of guarantee; Council's difficult position.

20 April 1937
Pp 274/1/152-153 · Document · 1937.04.20
Part of Private Archives

Film on the League of Nations with S. Lester, J. Avenol and Vladimir Sokoline; talks with V. Sokoline from Union of Soviet Socialists Republics, League of Nations Secretariat official, office of the Secretary General.

January 1939
Pp 274/1/279-280 · Document · 1939.01
Part of Private Archives

"A terrible year": historical upheavals; N. Chamberlain not very efficient; Stein, USSR Ambassador in Rome, thought the Duce would invade Tunisian territory; J. Avenol and S. Lester sceptical as to this form of crisis.

19 December 1938
Pp 274/1/281-285 · Document · 1938.12.19
Part of Private Archives

John M. O'Sullivan to S. Lester; reductions in League of Nations budget; J. Avenol-Ludwig Rajchman (Poland) feud.

9 February 1939
Pp 274/1/296-300 · Document · 1939.02.09
Part of Private Archives

H.R. Cummings' letter, London representative of the League of Nations Secretary-General, to J. Avenol, League of Nations Secretary-General.

18 March 1939
Pp 274/1/304-307 · Document · 1939.03.18
Part of Private Archives

A.N. Chamberlain's reversal of policy; C. Burckhardt three days back in Danzig: about European situation; J. Avenol: League of Nations in case of war; flight of Swiss capital.