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6 September 1940
Pp 274/2/932-935 · Document · 1940.09.06
Part of Private Archives

Press cuttings: "Leader page parade" on S. Lester's career; "Geneva Guardian" on S. Lester as the keeper of the Palace of the Nations; "Danzig mansion" on S. Lester as High Commissioner in Danzig; "New duties for Mr. Lester" on S. Lester as League of Nations' Deputy Secretary-General; "League begins closing down" on J. Avenol as League of Nations' Secretary-General declaring a state of emergency and announcing the staff's dismissal.

28 November 1941
Pp 274/2/893-896 · Document · 1941.11.28
Part of Private Archives

J. Avenol received by Marshal Pétain in Vichy, as well as Colonel Bach, a new Prefet, a former military expert, who was J. Avenol's personal agent in Paris; expulsion of Russia from the League of Nations.

29 May 1941
Pp 274/2/812-814 · Document · 1941.05.29
Part of Private Archives

S. Lester's letter to A. Loveday: S. Lester's negative opinion of S. Jacklin, because of the promises S. Jacklin made to J. Avenol concerning J. Avenol's remuneration.

28 February 1936
Pp 274/1/90-93 · Document · 1936.02.28
Part of Private Archives

Senator Boeck (Education) and President of Volkstag E. Beyl; Regierungs-Präsident Budding from East Prussia; A. Eden's first official parliamentary speech as Foreign Minister; inspection and censorship of S. Lester's letter to J. Avenol by the Nazis.

23 January 1936 (2)
Pp 274/1/73-76 · Document · 1936.01.23
Part of Private Archives

Geneva, 90th session of the League of Nations Council - Soviet move against Uruguay; work with F.P. Walters and J. Avenol on draft report on Danzig; reactions of Poles Danzigers; reactions of German Press and English Press.

23 January 1936 (1)
Pp 274/1/70-73 · Document · 1936.01.23
Part of Private Archives

Geneva, 90th session of the League of Nations Council - A. Eden's declaration at opening of Council debate on Danzig situation; A. Greiser's, President of the Danzig Senate, declaration; social life: dinner with J. Avenol, J. Beck, Litvinov, Titulesco, Monch, Haar, Aras; work on draft report.

30 January 1941 (2)
Pp 274/1/696-702 · Document · 1941.01.30
Part of Private Archives

J. Avenol's present life: he made himself pitiable and ridiculous, he was at Vichy and Geneva following the P. Laval crisis, he tried to prevent France from paying the League of Nations contribution for 1940 but failed, he accused S. Lester and E.H.R. Vigier (France) League of Nations, Political Section, of being traitors; S. Jacklin's difficult journey to the USA; improvement of the situation with the Spanish Government regarding transit visas; General war situation; German war strategy; P. Laval affair of 13.12.1940: Marshal Pétain tricked P. Laval, French Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, also nominated successor to the Head of the State, into giving his resignation, it seemed Marshal Pétain (84 years of age) had never forgiven P. Laval the meeting between Marshal Pétain and A. Hitler at Montoire, because it was arranged in such a way that Marshal Pétain had no alternative but to go and that thereafter P. Laval tried to supplant Marshal Pétain and did not want Marshal Pétain to intervene or affect P. Laval's pro-German policy, Marshal Pétain was prepared to fulfil all the terms of the Armistice and to collaborate economically with Germany, but not to hand over the fleet or the ports, P. Laval remained since under German protection in Paris and the Franco-German collaboration was stopped.

10 January 1941
Pp 274/1/682-687 · Document · 1941.01.10
Part of Private Archives

S. Lester's letter addressed to F.P. Walters in Oxford on F.P. Walters' and the United States' optimism as to the future of international organisations; S. Lester's pessimism trying to solve financial problems and to keep the League of Nations remnants, affected by war measures, in activity; A. Loveday's satisfaction with the removal of his Section to the USA, the hope of the possible move of the Opium Section to the USA, the fact that just before his resignation J. Avenol planned to go to Versailles with the Marshal Pétain; news on various colleagues, because of the precarious situation of the League of Nations A. Loveday would be the rallying point.

30 October 1940
Pp 274/1/656-658 · Document · 1940.10.30
Part of Private Archives

Letter (?) to S. Lester including a cutting from the "Spectator" dated 6 September 1940: S. Lester replaces J. Avenol, also included information on a study by Professor E.H. Carr entitled "The Twenty Years' Crisis - 1919-39", as well as references of documentary contributions on the downfall of France.

26 October 1940
Pp 274/1/643-644 and 507 · Document · 1940.10.26
Part of Private Archives

Extract of an article in the "Christian Science Monitor" on the League of Nations, entitled "Will the League idea survive?": it was on the Secretary-General J. Avenol, criticized by League of Nations English Members because he was too closely involved in French political and Vichy interests and had close contacts with German representatives; extract of an article in the "Times" on the possible American collaboration after the war in the field of economic and social reconstruction.