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28 November 1941
Pp 274/2/893-896 · Document · 1941.11.28
Part of Private Archives

J. Avenol received by Marshal Pétain in Vichy, as well as Colonel Bach, a new Prefet, a former military expert, who was J. Avenol's personal agent in Paris; expulsion of Russia from the League of Nations.

Document · 1934.03.13
Part of Private Archives

Impressive demonstration in Danzig on the occasion of the visit of the "Reichsführer der SS" Himmler, and of "SA Gruppenführer" Schoene; talk between S. Lester and K. Papée on the provisions relating to Danzig as a military base; problem of the safety of the Gdynia Polish port; High Commissioner's action possible only on the question of arms; Danzig could not be regarded as an isolated problem.

Document · 1934.04.14
Part of Private Archives

Incidents affecting the independence of the judiciary in Danzig, changes in procedure for the election of the judges; talk between S. Lester and A. Forster, Gauleiter of the National-Socialist Party in Danzig on the problem of the independence of the judges further to an article in the "Danziger Vorposten" of 9 April 1934 (which was said to be under A. Forster's control or influence); S. Lester to President H. Rauschning on A. Forster's threat towards Danzig judges, further to a case in which judgement was given against the State, what was described as an attempt to undermine the authority of the State, independence of the judiciary was one of the principal provisions of the Danzig Constitution; note of interview with H. Rauschning on A. Forster's attitude regarding the independence of the judges, on the election of the judges, the question of the suspension of the "Danziger Volkszeitung", and negotiations with Poland (questions of customs and contingents).

Document · 1934.05.03
Part of Private Archives

National Holiday of Danzig changed by decree from 18 March (foundation day of the old city) to 1 May: on this occasion National-Socialist demonstration with speeches by A. Forster and others and A. Hitler's speech retransmitted, no incidents; petition from the ex-Senator Formelle, editor of the "Volkszeitung", Catholic Centre Party weekly paper which was suppressed: the petition dealt not only with the question of suppression but challenged the constitutional validity of the law of 30 June 1933, which related to public order, etc.; question of the appointment of a State Commissioner for Danzig.

28 February 1936
Pp 274/1/90-93 · Document · 1936.02.28
Part of Private Archives

Senator Boeck (Education) and President of Volkstag E. Beyl; Regierungs-Präsident Budding from East Prussia; A. Eden's first official parliamentary speech as Foreign Minister; inspection and censorship of S. Lester's letter to J. Avenol by the Nazis.

6 May 1936
Pp 274/1/107-121 · Document · 1936.05.06
Part of Private Archives

Events of past six weeks - New Danzig government policy; role of Hitler; riots in Poland, anti-sovietism; session with Danzig Senate; possible renewal of S. Lester's mandate; 11 May session of League of Nations; Abyssinia; S. Lester's re-appointment: A. Eden, J. Avenol; future League of Nations position in Danzig; disarray in Geneva; Dublin reaction to work in Danzig; American Shoe Club: collection of shoes that have been worn by men of renown.