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Document · 1943.10.03
Part of Private Archives

On Bova Scopa, Roumanian Minister, trying to leave Roumania; on Argentine legation; and on the story of nuncio's visit to monastery where J. Avenol was on "retreat" in July 1943.

September 1940
Pp 274/1/499-507 · Document · 1940.09
Part of Private Archives

S. Lester requested S. Jacklin's approval, (South Africa, Office of the League of Nations Secretary General, Treasury), on a sort of letter-telegram he wrote (no correspondent name and address mentioned) on the possibility for S. Jacklin to organize office for collecting contributions; S. Lester's note to D. Kelly, British Minister in Berne, summarizing J. Avenol's plans and position, covering June-July period: organization of a centre for the League of Nations Secretariat if the staff were driven out by invasion, J. Avenol's anti-British sentiments and policy of excluding the British from the Secretariat, J. Avenol's wish to misuse the League of Nations for the new European purposes and not its original purposes, J. Avenol's decisions concerning S. Lester's, A. Loveday's and R.I.B. Skylstad's mission to USA and T. Aghnides' new post (in charge of the Secretariat, he would take over from J. Avenol without any Secretary-General status), J. Avenol's proposal to form a kind of "Directoire", reductions of League of Nations staff, J. Avenol's speculations on Germany, Italy, France and Switzerland decisions as regards the League of Nations, J. Avenol's interviews with B.M. Viple (France), ILO official (to get in touch with P. Laval), P. Stoppani and R.M.F. Charron on Vichy's decision as regards the League of Nations, J. Avenol would not resign unless he was given a position enabling him to have control on League of Nations finances and full immunities, formation of a Finance Committee headed by S. Jacklin including J. Avenol, J. Avenol's opinion on the Princeton proposal.

Document · 1934.07.18
Part of Private Archives

The President of the Senate H. Rauschning was informed by the Danzig International Shipbuilding Company of the possibility for the Company to get an order to build some small torpedo boats for a foreign State, but not Germany, the contract did not include any weapons of war, therefore article five of the Constitution, providing that no weapons of war or war material would be manufactured in Danzig without the League of Nations' consent, did not apply nor the regulation made by the Council on 23 June 1921, S. Lester willing to help Danzig to get the work, because it meant a year's work for a good many men and the Danziger Werft, that was in a bad way at the time, what General LeRond attributed to Poland's refusal to carry out the contract under which the Poles were given a share in the Shipbuilding Company and to obstruction by the Polish customs officers.

Document · 1933.02.07
Part of Private Archives

Various documents regarding the appointment of a Deputy-Secretary-General: J. Avenol in favour of P. Azcarate's appointment, J. Avenol's views, E.J. Phelan's position, two secret meetings; Annex A: S. Lester's views on the appointment of a Deputy-Secretary-General, Annex B: J. Avenol's statement at a secret meeting, Annex C: further S. Lester's statement, Annexes D and E: other S. Lester's statements; S. Lester's report to the Department of External Affairs, dated 8th February 1933 on S. Lester's cordial talk with P. Azcarate after his appointment and the reactions to P. Azcarate's appointment, such as the Norwegian objection of having three Latins.

Document · 1935.12.11
Part of Private Archives

Deterioration of the situation regarding the Danzig Constitution; wish of the Nazi Party leaders to make Danzig a Nazi city in spite of the Constitution and the League of Nations; Council's recommendations not carried out; press suppressions; Danzig Government's attitude of open defiance of the League of Nations; High Commissioner's report on Gauleiter A. Forster's activities who was a real dictator in Danzig; new election petitioned for by the Opposition Parties; League of Nations' possible means of intervention; S. Lester convinced that the Danzig Government had no intention to keep the Constitution; special Committee of investigation to examine the Danzig laws and their administration.

Document · 1940.08.27
Part of Private Archives

S. Lester was asked by J. Avenol to act as Secretary-General par interim, this was the reason why S. Lester had to write a note to clarify the ambiguous situation between J. Avenol and himself regarding the functions of Secretary-General; recapitulation of events regarding J. Avenol's resignation (one day J. Avenol decided to resign and the following day he decided not to resign); J. Avenol informed all Governments that S. Lester was responsible as Acting Secretary-General; reservations made by S. Lester on all actions to be taken by J. Avenol from 26 July till 31 August 1940, date of his official resignation.