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1 September 1940 (3)
Pp 274/1/602 · Document · 1940.09.01
Part of Private Archives

S. Lester's appointment as J. Avenol's successor as League of Nations temporary Secretary-General.

10 August 1940
Pp 274/1/533 · Document · 1940.08.10
Part of Private Archives

J. Avenol's departure: his pension planned for 31 August; V.J. Stencek (Czechoslovakia), Economic and Financial Section, Internal Administration, advised by J. Avenol to make peace with Germany by taking Protectorate citizenship; W. Krauel, German Consul General on Weizacker's proposals of saving certain League of Nations services.

10 January 1941
Pp 274/1/682-687 · Document · 1941.01.10
Part of Private Archives

S. Lester's letter addressed to F.P. Walters in Oxford on F.P. Walters' and the United States' optimism as to the future of international organisations; S. Lester's pessimism trying to solve financial problems and to keep the League of Nations remnants, affected by war measures, in activity; A. Loveday's satisfaction with the removal of his Section to the USA, the hope of the possible move of the Opium Section to the USA, the fact that just before his resignation J. Avenol planned to go to Versailles with the Marshal Pétain; news on various colleagues, because of the precarious situation of the League of Nations A. Loveday would be the rallying point.

10 July 1940 (2)
Pp 274/1/479 · Document · 1940.07.10
Part of Private Archives

Italian and German press on J. Avenol: "La France nouvelle", "La nouvelle Europe"; French army broken up; Vichy Government unable: France will pay.

10 July 1940 (3)
Pp 274/1/480 · Document · 1940.07.10
Part of Private Archives

Pietro Stoppani at Geneva, Italian non-Fascist, ex-Director, Office of the Secretary-General, League of Nations Economic Relations Section, Economic and Financial Section; J. Avenol on P. Stoppani: a spy, anti-League of Nations; J. Avenol's pro-Fascist speech to P. Stoppani.

10 November 1939
Pp 274/1/382-386 · Document · 1939.11.10
Part of Private Archives

Real war soon: partial mobilisation in Holland, Belgium and Switzerland; curious affair in Munich: Hitler celebrated the birthday of Nazism, left quickly just before a bomb exploded, according to C. Burckhardt and J. Avenol it was the Gestapo's action to prepare opinion for ruthless war and reprisals; S. Lester's family affairs; list of members, including S. Lester, of the Honorary and Executive Committees of the "Maison internationale des étudiants"; Raymond Fosdick's letter, Rockefeller Foundation, on the United States opinion of war.

12 July 1940
Pp 274/1/482 · Document · 1940.07.12
Part of Private Archives

J. Avenol and Tittman, US Consul on technical work of the League of Nations: maintenance of the Economic Intelligence Unit and adequate staff to carry out the Drug Control work; J. Avenol's wish to dismiss Leon Steinig, Jewish, Austria, best technical man in the Drug Section (Social Questions and Opium Trafficking Section); visit of the International Court of Justice (President and officials) to Geneva; Bertil Arne Renborg, Sweden, (Social Questions and Opium Trafficking Section) threatening to resign over L. Steinig's dismissal.

14 July 1940
Pp 274/1/482-483 · Document · 1940.07.14
Part of Private Archives

J.G. Winant's attempts, Director of the ILO, to move ILO to Canada; J. Avenol to Carter Goodrich, USA, delegate to ILO, on the League of Nations 1941 budget and ILO survival out of Europe.

14 June 1940
Pp 274/1/442-443 · Document · 1940.06.14
Part of Private Archives

Fall of Paris; appeals to US; defeatism of J. Avenol and R.M.F. Charron, French official, League of Nations Finance and Economic Research Section; J. Avenol would resign if capitulation came.

16 August 1940 (1)
Pp 274/1/545-546 · Document · 1940.08.16
Part of Private Archives

Emile Giraud (France), League of Nations Legal Section, on J. Avenol's questions about his resignation and the appointment of his successor.