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October 1935
Pp 274/1/1-4 · Document · 1935.10
Part of Private Archives

Sketches - Death of Arthur Henderson; Noel Baker; Zilliacus; F. Nansen; Carl Joachim Hambro; Pierre Laval; Anthony Eden; General Le Rond; General Dawes.

6 May 1936
Pp 274/1/107-121 · Document · 1936.05.06
Part of Private Archives

Events of past six weeks - New Danzig government policy; role of Hitler; riots in Poland, anti-sovietism; session with Danzig Senate; possible renewal of S. Lester's mandate; 11 May session of League of Nations; Abyssinia; S. Lester's re-appointment: A. Eden, J. Avenol; future League of Nations position in Danzig; disarray in Geneva; Dublin reaction to work in Danzig; American Shoe Club: collection of shoes that have been worn by men of renown.

9 December 1935
Pp 274/1/38-43 · Document · 1935.12.09
Part of Private Archives

Von Radovitz, German Consul General, re von Neurath position on League/Danzig crisis; von Neurath's invitation; meeting with von Neurath in Berlin, concerning the actions of Gauleiter (Regional Leader) Forster; Bewley; visit to Geneva: attendance of Council, meeting with Anthony Eden, Francis Paul Walters from United Kingdom (League of Nations Political Section) on Sean Lester's reappointment.

23 January 1936 (1)
Pp 274/1/70-73 · Document · 1936.01.23
Part of Private Archives

Geneva, 90th session of the League of Nations Council - A. Eden's declaration at opening of Council debate on Danzig situation; A. Greiser's, President of the Danzig Senate, declaration; social life: dinner with J. Avenol, J. Beck, Litvinov, Titulesco, Monch, Haar, Aras; work on draft report.

25 January 1936
Pp 274/1/76-78 · Document · 1936.01.25
Part of Private Archives

Geneva, 90th session of the League of Nations Council - Amendments to report on Danzig; report agreed to by British, Poles and Danzigers; talks with Wolfgang Krauel, German Consul General, A. Greiser, President of the Danzig Senate, (on A. Forster) and A. Eden.

28 February 1936
Pp 274/1/90-93 · Document · 1936.02.28
Part of Private Archives

Senator Boeck (Education) and President of Volkstag E. Beyl; Regierungs-Präsident Budding from East Prussia; A. Eden's first official parliamentary speech as Foreign Minister; inspection and censorship of S. Lester's letter to J. Avenol by the Nazis.

Document · 1935.06.18
Part of Private Archives

S. Lester's note of 18 June 1935 entitled "Dr. Schacht's speech in Danzig on Friday 14th June", Schacht was President of the Reichs Bank, on absurdity of the separation of Danzig from the Reich, Germany's help to Danzig, difference of economic interests between Danzig and Poland; S. Lester's note of 17 June 1935 regarding talks between S. Lester, A. Greiser, and Boettcher on Schacht's speech, employment in Germany on the basis of the voluntary transfer of Danzig officials, Polish protest against the foreign exchanges decree, "Volkstimme" ban, A. Forster's power reduced and his possible removal, the dismissal from State or municipal employment of workers on the grounds of their political opinions (question for Geneva), S. Lester and the "Einwohnerwehr": new decree issued for the re-organization of this body of special police (S. Lester was against militarisation), the compulsory labour corps, A. Forster's speech on the National Socialist programme regarding the spreading of the spirit of A. Hitler, and the destruction of Parties in discord with Germany.