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Document · 1936.10.05
Part of Private Archives

Text published by the "Danziger Morgenzeitung": A. Forster's incitement to look to Berlin only, to maintain the German character of Danzig and to act against the League of Nations and the Danzig High Commissioner, A. Forster's specific attacks on S. Lester; question of S. Lester's successor; Poland's rights in Danzig; struggle against the Opposition Parties.

Document · 1935.03.22
Part of Private Archives

Catholic Bishop O'Rourke denounced pagan tendencies, Marxism and Bolshevism in politics; A. Forster's speech: people giving information to the High Commissioner were "traitors and separatists"; A. Greiser's remarks: National Socialism accepted by whole German people except some anti-German elements in Danzig protected by an out-of-date Constitution.

Document · 1935.12.11
Part of Private Archives

Deterioration of the situation regarding the Danzig Constitution; wish of the Nazi Party leaders to make Danzig a Nazi city in spite of the Constitution and the League of Nations; Council's recommendations not carried out; press suppressions; Danzig Government's attitude of open defiance of the League of Nations; High Commissioner's report on Gauleiter A. Forster's activities who was a real dictator in Danzig; new election petitioned for by the Opposition Parties; League of Nations' possible means of intervention; S. Lester convinced that the Danzig Government had no intention to keep the Constitution; special Committee of investigation to examine the Danzig laws and their administration.

Document · 1936.07.23
Part of Private Archives

1934-1936: conditions in which A. Greiser became President of the Danzig Senate; A. Greiser's and the Senate's intention to make Danzig a National Socialist State; difficult relations between the High Commissioner and the Danzig Senate; A. Greiser was more a soldier than a diplomat; A. Forster, leader of the Party, was the authority in Danzig; Danzig's defiance of the League of Nations was due to A. Forster; S. Lester's talk with Baron von Neurath on A. Forster's activities; attacks on S. Lester in the German press.

Document · 1934.08.29
Part of Private Archives

Weyers' note on cases of smuggled cars registered by Danzig owners without paying any customs duty; talk between S. Lester and Neville Laski, leader of the British Jewish organizations, on the Jews' situation in Danzig that was not bad, except trouble arising from A. Forster.

Document · 1936.07.08
Part of Private Archives

S. Lester's report to the League of Nations Council further to the incident of the German cruiser; A. Forster's article demanding a revision of the League of Nations' relations with the Free City; German cruiser incident placed on the Agenda of the League of Nations Council; S. Lester at Geneva to participate in the Council's meeting; difficult relationships between Danzig and the League of Nations after President A. Greiser's speech; talks with K. Papée, Count Lubienski, Chef de Cabinet of Colonel Beck and J. Beck; S. Lester's view and Polish responsibilities.