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Pp 274/2 · File · 1941-1947
Part of Private Archives

This volume 2 of the diary of Sean Lester consists in bound copies of correspondence covering the period from 5 August 1941 to 11 April 1947, plus one letter dated 25 June 1958.

5 August 1941
Pp 274/2/756-758; (cf. p. 835) · Document · 1941.08.05
Part of Private Archives

S. Lester's personal letter (not sent) addressed to James Dillon in Berne: S. Lester never met J. Dillon, but had once an opportunity to meet his father, a great gentleman of forceful personality; S. Lester's anxieties for the future of Ireland; about Irish policy; J. Dillon, Deputy Leader of the Opposition, just made a speech in favour of Ireland joining Anglo-American circle in the war.

8 August 1941
Pp 274/2/759 · Document · 1941.08.08
Part of Private Archives

S. Lester's letter to F.T. Cremins : problem with a diplomatic bag.

16 April 1941
Pp 274/2/767 · Document · 1941.04.16
Part of Private Archives

Extract from US Radio Bulletin on the question of American bases or British bases in Ireland.

19 April 1941
Pp 274/2/768 · Document · 1941.04.19
Part of Private Archives

Telepress on Irish neutrality: Brennan, Irish Minister to the United States interviewed by the "New-York Sun".

10 March 1941
Pp 274/2/768 · Document · 1941.03.10
Part of Private Archives

M. Melas (Greece), Permanent Delegate at the League of Nations, appointed by his Government to a post in the Legation at Berne, according to S. Lester it was to be feared that this decision weakened the general position of the League of Nations' Permanent Delegates.

19 April 1941
Pp 274/2/769-774 · Document · 1941.04.19
Part of Private Archives

France decided to leave the League of Nations: Admiral Darlan informed S. Lester of this decision, but France continued to cooperate with ILO and the League of Nations technical organs; articles on the French decision: "Liquidation" by a journalist in the "Tribune de Genève", "Courrier de Vichy" by Eugène Fabre, the pro-German correspondent of "La Suisse", cutting from "Le Temps" on "Le retrait de la France de la Société des Nations".

24 April 1941
Pp 274/2/774 · Document · 1941.04.24
Part of Private Archives

Meeting of Supervisory Committee proposed for 2 June in the USA, S. Lester's presence essential, but danger of being cut off from his post.

22 April 1941
Pp 274/2/774-776 · Document · 1941.04.22
Part of Private Archives

Princeton cable to S. Lester from Dodds, President of Princeton University, Aydelotte, President of Institute for Advanced Studies, and Tenbroek, Rockefeller Research Institute at Princeton, expressing warm satisfaction for the technical nonpolitical work associated with the League of Nations; Berne policy of non-collaboration; inaugural reception of the "Académie Diplomatique Internationale" at the Villa "Mon Repos".

28 April 1941
Pp 274/2/776 · Document · 1941.04.28
Part of Private Archives

S. Lester applied for visas for family; question of Health Section transfer: no official invitation from the USA.