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Document · 1936.05.30
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Translation in French of K. Papee's letter regarding A. Greiser's speech on Danzig, on the Polish-German Pact, on alleged negotiations between Berlin and Geneva, as well as between Berlin and Warsaw.

Press Cutting "Tension Over Danzig"
Document · 1936.07.06
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Excerpt from the "Daily Telegraph" regarding A. Greiser's speech to the League of Nations Council in Geneva and the appointment by the League of Nations Assembly of a special committee to monitor the situation in Danzig.

Document · 1936.07.07
Fait partie de Private Archives

Excerpt from "The Times" regarding Poland's declaration that it had no intention of giving up any rights in Danzig nor would it accept any violation of those rights; speculates that A. Greiser's speech demanding a revision of the League of Nations' relationship to Danzig only refers to the function of the High Commissioner.