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19 November 1935
Pp 274/1/25-26 · Document · 1935.11.19
Fait partie de Private Archives

Gauleiter (Regional Leader) A. Forster, from Nazi Party; his speech in the presence of Arthur Greiser, President of the Danzig Senate.

Document · 1935
Fait partie de Private Archives

Most of the Danzig questions were subject of discussion between the Danzig Senate and S. Lester, therefore S. Lester had to refer some Danzig matters to the League of Nations Council as the authority charged with the protection of the Constitution, League of Nations Council's recommendations to bring back Danzig life into accord with the Constitution and to bring a change in the Government's policy, many declarations of open hostility to the Danzig constitutional principles, Danzig was not a National Socialist State; Danzig elections principal object was to seek to amend the Constitution, but more than 40% of the voters expressed their opposition to the National Socialist policy and their confidence in the League of Nations through the numerous petitions they addressed to the High Commissioner to protect their rights, cooperation between the Senate and the High Commissioner necessary to avoid to call upon the Council; S. Lester's appeal to A. Greiser and his colleagues of the Senate: having failed to get the necessary mandate to propose changes in the Constitution, they had to put an end to systematic actions against its principles.

19 December 1935
Pp 274/1/43-45 · Document · 1935.12.19
Fait partie de Private Archives

Von Radovitz, German Consul General, re A. Forster and A. Greiser; death of Mrs. Barton "the Queen of Geneva": Geneva parties; resignation of Sir Samuel Hoare; Anglo-French proposals.

1 January 1936
Pp 274/1/53 · Document · 1936.01.01
Fait partie de Private Archives

Official calls: A. Greiser, President of the Danzig Senate; Papee, Polish Minister; Nederbragt, Harbour President.

3 January 1936
Pp 274/1/53-56 · Document · 1936.01.03
Fait partie de Private Archives

State Shooting Party, on the invitation of A. Greiser, President of the Danzig Senate.

11 January 1936
Pp 274/1/57-59 · Document · 1936.01.11
Fait partie de Private Archives

Dinner with A. Greiser, President of the Danzig Senate, and principal Danzig officials; Count and Countess von Kayserling: talk on Danzig situation; conversation with von Radovitz about A. Greiser's and A. Forster's attitude vis-à-vis the League of Nations.

14 January 1936
Pp 274/1/59-61 · Document · 1936.01.14
Fait partie de Private Archives

Dinner with A. Greiser, conversation with the German Consul General von Radowitz, A. Greiser's speech, call from K. Papee, Polish Minister.

Document · 1935.01.04
Fait partie de Private Archives

S. Lester and Danzig questions relating to laws, administration and public pronouncements; neither the clergy nor the Catholic people of Danzig had confidence in their Bishop; Parish Priests' petition relating to certain alleged infringements of the Constitution and Centre Party's petition postponed; National Socialist President of the Senate H. Rauschning dismissed and replaced by A. Greiser; hope that after the Saar went back to Germany the European situation would improve.