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2 June 1936
Pp 274/1/121A-123 · Document · 1936.06.02
Part of Private Archives

Jimmy Thomas guilty in the British budget scandal - J. Thomas was Dominions Secretary - he participated in Council meetings and the Disarmament Conference - he also was the Secretary of the Railwaymen's Union; death of Eamon J. Duggan, one of the signatories of the Anglo-Irish Treaty.

10 June 1936
Pp 274/1/123-124 · Document · 1936.06.10
Part of Private Archives

Senator Blavier; A. Greiser's, President of the Danzig Senate, bloomer on the Polish-Danzig Pact.

14 June 1936
Pp 274/1/125-126 · Document · 1936.06.14
Part of Private Archives

Sean Lester's mediation concerning young Nazi storm troopers in Danzig.

15 June 1936 (2)
Pp 274/1/126-127 · Document · 1936.06.15
Part of Private Archives

More outrages - Attention drawn to Gauleiter (Regional Leader) A. Forster's activity; A. Forster, from Nazi Party, publicly claimed he represented the Führer.

16 June 1936
Pp 274/1/127-128 · Document · 1936.06.16
Part of Private Archives

Nazi demonstrations; Sean Lester might have to bring Danzig to the Special (Sanctions) sitting of the Council; possible "démarches" in Council, with Poland; difficulties between A. Greiser, President of the Danzig Senate, and A. Forster; Sean Lester's step with the German Government; Sean Lester took preventive measure possible to keep the situation from developing into a crisis requiring international action.

20 June 1936
Pp 274/1/128-131 · Document · 1936.06.20
Part of Private Archives

Discussions in Berlin on the political situation in Danzig - Berlin received three different versions of events, one from A. Greiser, President of the Danzig Senate, one from A. Forster (Nazi Party) and one from O. von Radowitz (German Consul General) - A. Forster is a source of disturbance, a danger to Danzig, Germany,and Poland, as well as a source of weakness to his own Party - Himmler is an extremist, he supported A. Forster - Death of a Nazi and of two SS (crime or accident?).