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1 September 1940 (1)
Pp 274/1/573-579 · Document · 1940.09.01
Part of Private Archives

Verbatim record of the telephone conversation between C.J. Hambro and S. Jacklin (South Africa), Office of the League of Nations Secretary General, Treasury: need to adopt a budget otherwise the Member States could assume in absence of budget that the League of Nations does not exist any more, the only way of getting a budget adopted was by a Supervisory Commission meeting, but difficulties to get a quorum.

1 September 1940 (2)
Pp 274/1/579-580 · Document · 1940.09.01
Part of Private Archives

Summary of the questions to be put to C.J. Hambro further to C.J. Hambro and S. Jacklin telephone conversation.

1 September 1940 (3)
Pp 274/1/602 · Document · 1940.09.01
Part of Private Archives

S. Lester's appointment as J. Avenol's successor as League of Nations temporary Secretary-General.

1 September 1941
Pp 274/2/826-828 · Document · 1941.09.01
Part of Private Archives

Russo-German war, Iran occupied by Russian-British forces; Massigli, French ex-Ambassador on the armistice signature; P. Laval was shot by a young Frenchman; Politics on France and the reforms carried out by the Vichy Government and criticized by William Rappard, because if the reforms were in themselves good they were discredited by the French people because they were made by a regime in which the people had no confidence; Darlan's interview in the "Gazette de Lausanne" on the fact that he and A. Hitler planned that France would take over the Suisse Romande and about the League of Nations, what he disliked very much in Switzerland; American press began to have favourable articles on the League of Nations; S. Lester's and A. Loveday's better impression on S. Jacklin, although stories of the Gestapo followed him; Supervisory Commission: ILO better treated than the League of Nations' Secretariat, budget adopted for 1942; S. Lester in Mühlen in the Grisons for rest; apologies from the Chief Censor further to the "watch list" problem.

10 April 1937
Pp 274/1/159-160 · Document · 1937.04.10
Part of Private Archives

V. Sokoline, League of Nations Secretariat official, office of the Secretary General: Sudeten Deutsch, Poland, economics.

10 August 1940
Pp 274/1/533 · Document · 1940.08.10
Part of Private Archives

J. Avenol's departure: his pension planned for 31 August; V.J. Stencek (Czechoslovakia), Economic and Financial Section, Internal Administration, advised by J. Avenol to make peace with Germany by taking Protectorate citizenship; W. Krauel, German Consul General on Weizacker's proposals of saving certain League of Nations services.

10 December 1940
Pp 274/1/689-690 · Document · 1940.12.10
Part of Private Archives

James Joyce's letter to S. Lester on the help S. Lester might be able to give to J. Joyce's daughter for her removal to Switzerland.

10 January 1941
Pp 274/1/682-687 · Document · 1941.01.10
Part of Private Archives

S. Lester's letter addressed to F.P. Walters in Oxford on F.P. Walters' and the United States' optimism as to the future of international organisations; S. Lester's pessimism trying to solve financial problems and to keep the League of Nations remnants, affected by war measures, in activity; A. Loveday's satisfaction with the removal of his Section to the USA, the hope of the possible move of the Opium Section to the USA, the fact that just before his resignation J. Avenol planned to go to Versailles with the Marshal Pétain; news on various colleagues, because of the precarious situation of the League of Nations A. Loveday would be the rallying point.