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Document · 1936.07
Fait partie de Private Archives

Period of crisis and great insecurity in the world; League of Nations' strengthened or weakened position; situation in Danzig with the implementation of the new Government policy of cooperation with the League of Nations; public attacks on the League of Nations and the High Commissioner ceased; fear that the Rhineland coup be repeated in Danzig; A. Greiser's view on Danzig was that it would remain a Free City, but it needed a "Deutsche Front"; war fear; Jews' situation in Poland; K. Papée on the Locarno Pact; the Danzig flag only and not the Swastika might appear on public buildings; question of the renewal of S. Lester's mandate as Danzig High Commissioner.

Document · 1936.07.08
Fait partie de Private Archives

S. Lester's report to the League of Nations Council further to the incident of the German cruiser; A. Forster's article demanding a revision of the League of Nations' relations with the Free City; German cruiser incident placed on the Agenda of the League of Nations Council; S. Lester at Geneva to participate in the Council's meeting; difficult relationships between Danzig and the League of Nations after President A. Greiser's speech; talks with K. Papée, Count Lubienski, Chef de Cabinet of Colonel Beck and J. Beck; S. Lester's view and Polish responsibilities.

Document · 1936.07.11
Fait partie de Private Archives

Anxiety of Colonel J. Beck, Polish Minister for Foreign Affairs, regarding the situation; S. Lester and K. Papée, Polish Minister, on necessary communication arrangements in case of emergency; all opposition papers suppressed; K. Papée's information on the suppression of opposition parties; S. Lester and K. Papée on A. Greiser's violent speeches against the League of Nations; Polish press pressure on Government; Danzig opposition and Senate's attitude.

Document · 1936.07.17
Fait partie de Private Archives

Possible Danzig settlement; A. Greiser's possible resignation; High Commissioner as element in bargaining; S. Lester's interesting notes on Danzig events for talks with J. Avenol and members of the Council; S. Lester's contretemps to the first visit of the Italian Consul General, Count Ponzone; S. Lester's appointment with Noel, French Ambassador in Warsaw, one of the finest French diplomats; S. Lester's awareness of his responsibilities and the fact he was sitting at "the most dangerous point" in the European situation, as Noel noticed it.

Document · 1936.08.01
Fait partie de Private Archives

Committee of Three and S. Lester's report; context of general European situation and difficult position of the League of Nations in Danzig; K. Papée on the German satisfactory reply to the Polish note, since Germany did not intend to do anything affecting the statute of Danzig; possible attacks on the High Commissioner with a view to prevent the League of Nations from guaranteeing the Constitution.

Document · 1936.08.03
Fait partie de Private Archives

High Commissioner's position in Danzig: on one hand the Danzig Senate told the High Commissioner would disappear soon, on the other hand the High Commissioner benefited from the Polish support; comment on the German Government's declaration to Warsaw on the fact they had no intention to affect the Statute of the Free City; problem araised by another German warship's visit; S. Lester very pessimistic on the urgency of the situation and the fact he was powerless; difficult relationships between the Danzig Senate and S. Lester.

Document · 1936.08.07
Fait partie de Private Archives

About Court decision on press and mainly one sentence referring to the League of Nations as one of the best guarantees for Germanism in Danzig; notes exchanged between Warsaw and Berlin referring again to the Leipzig cruiser incident; Poland's interests; rumours on a Polish-German accord on the future of the Free City.