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October 1935
Pp 274/1/1-4 · Document · 1935.10
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Sketches - Death of Arthur Henderson; Noel Baker; Zilliacus; F. Nansen; Carl Joachim Hambro; Pierre Laval; Anthony Eden; General Le Rond; General Dawes.

Colombia-Peru Dispute
Sub-sub-series · 1933.01-1933.10
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Colombia's appeal under article 15 of the League of Nations Covenant on the disputed border town of Leticia, ceded to Colombia by Peru under treaty in 1922. According to the Peruvian Government the cession of Leticia to Colombia was unjustified.

A Committee of Three including S. Lester (Irish Free State), Madariaga (Spain), and Matos (Guatemala) was appointed by the League of Nations Council to follow the Colombia-Peru dispute. Ireland was a member of the League of Nations Council.

Summary of events (from Francis Paul Walters' book, "A history of the League of Nations", p. 536, London: Oxford University Press, 1952).

1932 Sep: Peruvians occupy Leticia, Lima disavows them;
1933 Jan: S. Lester on behalf of de Valera reminds two countries of duties as members
of the League of Nations,
Case brought before Council,
Feb: Article 15 involved by Colombia,
Mar: Council recommendations (against Peru),
Council sets up Advisory Committee (S. Lester chairman),
May: War threatens, emergency meeting of Advisory Committee,
New Peruvian president cooperative, S. Lester convenes Council,
two governments table agreement,
Jun: League of Nations flag hoisted in Leticia for a year, all well.