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18 February 1937
Pp 274/1/140-145 · Document · 1937.02.18
Part of Private Archives

Sean Lester's new duties as Deputy Secretary-General of the League of Nations; his functions before: S. Lester was a member of the Council, presiding over it and several of its committees (the Peru-Columbia and the Chaco affairs), and he was the High Commissioner in Danzig; trouble in appointment of new High Commissioner in Danzig; Carl Burckhardt, Swiss Professor, appointed High Commissioner in Danzig; disappearance of James Connolly in 1916 (letter of S. Lester addressed to the Irish Press about J. Connolly), it seems J. Connolly wanted to launch an insurrection with the small revolutionary labour force under his command to force the hand of the I.R.B. and Volunteer leaders; extract from John T. Whitaker's book: "And fear came", 1936, referring to S. Lester.

23 March 1937
Pp 274/1/145-146 · Document · 1937.03.23
Part of Private Archives

A week in London - Sean Lester's speech at St Patrick's dinner; talks with different ministers and ambassadors; Polish ambassador Rajcinski's invitation and talk; Sir Austen Chamberlain's funeral.

3 April 1937
Pp 274/1/147-148 · Document · 1937.04.03
Part of Private Archives

Questions (general knowledge) from Harry Andrews, South African Permanent Delegate; Carl Burckhardt in Danzig: his call to S. Lester about Danzig and his talk with A. Greiser, President of the Danzig Senate.

6 April 1937
Pp 274/1/148 · Document · 1937.04.06
Part of Private Archives

Impressions of Loudon, new Dutch Minister and Permanent Delegate in Madrid and Lisbon, about Franco.

7 April 1937
Pp 274/1/148-149 · Document · 1937.04.07
Part of Private Archives

Examples of Right Wing "Extremist" Americans - Dinner with Count and Countess Crapon de Caprona. He was French cavalry officer, attached to the Disarmament Section of the League of Nations. She was American, and approved the war of classes.

13 April 1937
Pp 274/1/149-150 · Document · 1937.04.13
Part of Private Archives

Film on the League of Nations; Evelyn Wood, son of a former Irish Commander-in-Chief in India; Ernest Blythe, Secretary of the Clondalkin Paper Manufacturing Company.

20 April 1937
Pp 274/1/152-153 · Document · 1937.04.20
Part of Private Archives

Film on the League of Nations with S. Lester, J. Avenol and Vladimir Sokoline; talks with V. Sokoline from Union of Soviet Socialists Republics, League of Nations Secretariat official, office of the Secretary General.

23 April 1937
Pp 274/1/153-155 · Document · 1937.04.23
Part of Private Archives

Charles Bewley, pro-nazi; General de Bono, Italian commander-in-chief in Abyssinia: Italian conquest plans; Nicolas Montclueff, Bulgarian Minister.