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Document · 1932.04.22
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Extract from the "Irish Press" on the meeting held by the International Labour Conference; E. de Valera's accession to power, he became Prime Minister of the Irish Free State; S. Lester's action to solve the difficulty of the Committee of 19 that dealt with the Sino-Japanese dispute; Ireland's turn to preside the next general meeting of the League of Nations.

Bolivia - Paraguay Dispute (Chaco)
Sub-sub-series · 1932.12-1933.07
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The Committee of Three appointed by the League of Nations Council to deal with the Bolivia-Paraguay dispute was composed of the Chairman S. Lester (Irish Free State), S. de Madariaga (Spain) and J. Matos (Guatemala).
The Representative of Bolivia was Costa du Rels, and the Representative of Paraguay, Caballero de Bedoya.

Summary of events:

  • 1932 Sep: Council defers to Neutral Commission in Washington re-Chaco;
  • 1933 Feb: Council endeavours to organise embargo
    Neutral Commission gives up, way clear for League of Nations;
    May: Paraguay declares state of war (mere confirmation)
    Council decides for on-the-spot League Commission. Parties agree
    Nov: After delay, Commission arrives
  • 1934 Feb: Commission finds parties ..., reports to Council
    Council renews embargo efforts
    Aug: Embargo complete. Bolivia requests question to go before Assembly, not Council.
    Nov: Assembly adopts treaty, Bolivia accepts it, not Paraguay
  • 1935 Jun: Bolivia and Paraguay agree to stop fighting
  • 1935 Jul: Peace signed.
29 October 1935
Pp 274/1/5-7 · Document · 1935.10.29
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Robert Cecil on UK and other policies in Far East (Sino-Japanese dispute); U.S. observer at Council; De Madariaga and the Italo-Abyssinian question.

Document · 1932.05.31
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Inauguration of the Academic Society of the Irish Students of the University at Fribourg, Switzerland: S. Lester, Irish delegate to the League of Nations at Geneva, attended this celebration on behalf of the Minister for External Affairs and made a speech; two photographs of the members.

Sino - Japanese Dispute
Sub-sub-series · 1932.03-1933.05
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China appealed to the League of Nations on 21 September 1931 under Article 11 of the Covenant following action by Japanese troops in Manchuria.

30 October 1935
Pp 274/1/7-9 · Document · 1935.10.30
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McNeill family; Mrs. Neames, Russian refugee, in Danzig.

Jews in Upper Silesia
Sub-sub-series · 1933.05-1933.09
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Several petitions from Jews in German Upper Silesia, and mainly the one of Franz Bernheim brought before the League of Nations Council by the Secretary-General.