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5 May 1941
Pp 274/2/754 · Document · 1941.05.05
Fait partie de Private Archives

Letter from McElligott, Department of Finance in Dublin, to S. Lester on the future of the European economy.

7 August 1941
Pp 274/2/755 · Document · 1941.08.07
Fait partie de Private Archives

Letter from F. Cremins, Irish Legation in Berne, to S. Lester on long delays to receive letters, difficulties to listen to the debate on External Affairs and get news on the radio owing to the noise and great crackling.

Press Cutting "Irish ILO Chief"
Document · 1938
Fait partie de Private Archives

Possible candidates to the post of Director of the International Labour Office: E.J. Phelan and S. Lester to succeed to Harold B. Butler; photograph of S. Lester.