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19 April 1941
Pp 274/2/778-780 · Document · 1941.04.19
Part of Private Archives

Withdrawal of France from the League of Nations, the decision seemed to be related to the development of Admiral Darlan's policy of collaboration and the military events in the Balkans and North Africa; French intention to leave the League of Nations and stay in the ILO; repercussions on Switzerland and weakening of the position of the League of Nations.

26 May 1941
Pp 274/2/781 · Document · 1941.05.26
Part of Private Archives

François Darlan prefaced the execution of his pro-German program, including a visit to the "Führer".

24 October 1941
Pp 274/2/781-786 · Document · 1941.10.24
Part of Private Archives

S. Lester's draft letter to C.J. Hambro (not sent) on the post-war organization: C.J. Hambro thought a Committee on post-war organization in agreement with the Bruce Committe's work might be appointed, S. Lester thought it was a premature question and in any case the present League of Nations and Covenant should be the foundations for post-war reconstruction; newspaper cutting from USA, April-May 1941, on Belfast and Dublin united to fight against Germany: Hitler's bombers have done more to burn away the barriers between the two Irelands, governments of Eire and Ulster, than any Irish or English statesman had been able to do.

2 November 1935
Pp 274/1/11-12 · Document · 1935.11.02
Part of Private Archives

Sanctions against Italy; Dr. Grundmann, Hon. consul general for Bulgaria, in Danzig; International Court on amendment to Danzig Criminal Code; Zarski, editor of the "Danziger Vorposten", organ of the National Socialist Party.