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Document · 1942.01.01
Part of Private Archives

Comments on Opium Board and Guarantee Fund; proposal for codification; collection of contributions from non-Member States; separate collection by the International Labour Organization and collections from Member States.

Document · 1942.01.14
Part of Private Archives

Comments on International Labour Organization's request for an extra contribution of one million francs from member states; Swedish contribution; division of work between Geneva and Princeton; the publication of the Staistical Monthly Bulletin and the Yearbook; the Wireless Arbitration Committee; and the payment of Judges.

Document · 1946.03.28
Part of Private Archives

Speech from the Secretary-General to the Assembly drafted by S. Jacklin traditionally contained four points: results of previous years, progress during the current year, presentation of the draft budget for the following year, and the position of the Working Capital Fund. S. Jacklin suggests that the speech for 1946 deal with the current year only and a financial statement as of 31 March 1946.