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12 January 1939
Pp 274/1/285-290 · Document · 1939.01.12
Part of Private Archives

F.P. Walters on imminent danger; Hungarian Government preparing to enter anti-Comintern Pact and leave League of Nations; Bucknell, US Consul, and many of his colleagues convinced war is coming; letter of J.H. Cousins, who worked in the Department of Fine Arts at an Indian University, to S. Lester; letter of Alfred O'Rahilly, professor of physics at an Irish University, to S. Lester.

12 July 1937
Pp 274/1/185 · Document · 1937.07.12
Part of Private Archives

Sean Lemass' letter about the results of the Irish elections.

12 July 1940
Pp 274/1/482 · Document · 1940.07.12
Part of Private Archives

J. Avenol and Tittman, US Consul on technical work of the League of Nations: maintenance of the Economic Intelligence Unit and adequate staff to carry out the Drug Control work; J. Avenol's wish to dismiss Leon Steinig, Jewish, Austria, best technical man in the Drug Section (Social Questions and Opium Trafficking Section); visit of the International Court of Justice (President and officials) to Geneva; Bertil Arne Renborg, Sweden, (Social Questions and Opium Trafficking Section) threatening to resign over L. Steinig's dismissal.

12 June 1940
Pp 274/1/451-454 · Document · 1940.06.12
Part of Private Archives

S. Lester's letter to A. Sweetser: F. Walters' leaving, threat of invasion of Switzerland, changing Geneva policy.

12 March 1938
Pp 274/1/238-240 · Document · 1938.03.12
Part of Private Archives

End of Austria as an independent State: under German's domination.

12 March 1941 (1)
Pp 274/1/740-742 · Document · 1941.03.12
Part of Private Archives

Massigli's note to S. Lester on blockade: it was urgent to take measures to protect the free zone from starvation.

12 March 1941 (2)
Pp 274/1/742-744 · Document · 1941.03.12
Part of Private Archives

Blockade against Germany inefficient; blockade against France dangerous.

12 May 1937
Pp 274/1/161-162 · Document · 1937.05.12
Part of Private Archives

Ireland: new Constitution of a Republic not separated from the Commonwealth.