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Drummond/Pp81/1 · Dossier · 1919.08-1969.05
Fait partie de Private Archives
  • Apr.-May 1969: Copie d'une lettre adressée par Frank Walters à Norman Field donnant des précisions sur sa responsabilité dans la destruction de certains papier de Drummond;
  • Aug. 1919: Letter to G. Clerk referring to the Reports of the Committee to supervise the execution of the Treaty with Germany on Belgium and the Sarre Basin and Convocation of the Supreme Council by the President of the United States with the participation of the nine powers represented in the Council to legally and effectively constitute the Council.
Avenol/16/12 · Dossier · 1933-1940
Fait partie de Private Archives
  • Nov. 1938: Lettre concernant la préparation de la Conférence au Mexique et la collaboration entre le Bureau sanitaire panaméricain et l'Organisation d'Hygiène;
  • Dec. 1939: Télégramme au sujet de la représentation de l'Albanie à l'Assemblée.
Letter from Frank Walters to S. Lester
Document · 1933.12.27
Fait partie de Private Archives

F. Walters referred to S. Lester's formal letter of resignation, F. Walters worked on the draft report on the Danzig Constitution and asked S. Lester to remind him of the suggestion he made on this subject.

Document · 1934.07.06
Fait partie de Private Archives

In the absence of the Secretary-General and of L. Krabbe, who was in the Saar to start the Plebiscite Commission, F. Walters acknowledged receipt of S. Lester's letters to the Secretary-General, he assured S. Lester that the previous High Commissioner at Danzig had similar problems; Danzig-Polish new agreement; Lawless seemed to have missed the chance of putting his name forward for the Saar; F. Walters and the Chaco question.

Document · 1935.01.03
Fait partie de Private Archives

S. Lester requested F. Walters' and the Secretary-General's views regarding the procedures: a report by the Rapporteur would have been the normal procedure, S. Lester proposed the appointment of a Committee to report on the Zentrum Party's petition and Catholic Priests' petition, as well as to study some Danzig constitutional points, or that the Rapporteur wished the matter to be adjourned to enable him to study the legal points raised, S. Lester thought either of these procedures would be better than the mere withdrawal of the questions from the Council Agenda.