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Avenol/16/12 · Dossier · 1933-1940
Fait partie de Private Archives
  • Nov. 1938: Lettre concernant la préparation de la Conférence au Mexique et la collaboration entre le Bureau sanitaire panaméricain et l'Organisation d'Hygiène;
  • Dec. 1939: Télégramme au sujet de la représentation de l'Albanie à l'Assemblée.
Avenol/16/13 · Dossier · 1928.02-1956.08
Fait partie de Private Archives
  • Apr. 1938: Note sur les conséquences découlant de la situation en Ethiopie;
  • Note on the "Burckhardt story";
  • Draft answers to questions regarding the Bruce Report (A.23.1939);
  • Feb. 1940: Aide-mémoire on reorganisation of the technical and non-political activities of the LON;
  • Commission de contrôle. Annexes à la lettre adressée le 16 août 1940 par J. Avenol au Président du Conseil sur les questions budgétaires;
  • Aug. 1951: Summary of interview of J. Avenol by Stephen M. Schwebel, Permanent Representative of the World Federation of United Nations Associations to the United Nations;
  • Aug. 1931: Correspondence with A. Salter, Butler, E. Drummond, Massigli, Northerner, F. Walters, Tittman, Arnal, Loveday.
Drummond/Pp81/1 · Dossier · 1919.08-1969.05
Fait partie de Private Archives
  • Apr.-May 1969: Copie d'une lettre adressée par Frank Walters à Norman Field donnant des précisions sur sa responsabilité dans la destruction de certains papier de Drummond;
  • Aug. 1919: Letter to G. Clerk referring to the Reports of the Committee to supervise the execution of the Treaty with Germany on Belgium and the Sarre Basin and Convocation of the Supreme Council by the President of the United States with the participation of the nine powers represented in the Council to legally and effectively constitute the Council.
17 January 1937
Pp 274/1/135A · Document · 1937.01.17
Fait partie de Private Archives

Discussion of report first with F.P. Walters and then with J. Avenol - Sean Lester's report could be misinterpreted as anti-Nazi; however it received full support as for its politics.

3 November 1938
Pp 274/1/277-279 · Document · 1938.11.03
Fait partie de Private Archives

S. Lester's comments on F.P. Walters' Danzig memorandum.

12 January 1939
Pp 274/1/285-290 · Document · 1939.01.12
Fait partie de Private Archives

F.P. Walters on imminent danger; Hungarian Government preparing to enter anti-Comintern Pact and leave League of Nations; Bucknell, US Consul, and many of his colleagues convinced war is coming; letter of J.H. Cousins, who worked in the Department of Fine Arts at an Indian University, to S. Lester; letter of Alfred O'Rahilly, professor of physics at an Irish University, to S. Lester.

9 December 1935
Pp 274/1/38-43 · Document · 1935.12.09
Fait partie de Private Archives

Von Radovitz, German Consul General, re von Neurath position on League/Danzig crisis; von Neurath's invitation; meeting with von Neurath in Berlin, concerning the actions of Gauleiter (Regional Leader) Forster; Bewley; visit to Geneva: attendance of Council, meeting with Anthony Eden, Francis Paul Walters from United Kingdom (League of Nations Political Section) on Sean Lester's reappointment.

27 February 1940
Pp 274/1/398-404 · Document · 1940.02.27
Fait partie de Private Archives

(S. Lester's or F.P. Walters'?) note on League of Nations for Foreign Office.

12 June 1940
Pp 274/1/451-454 · Document · 1940.06.12
Fait partie de Private Archives

S. Lester's letter to A. Sweetser: F. Walters' leaving, threat of invasion of Switzerland, changing Geneva policy.