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Arbitrage Tribunaux International
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This series contains publications on Arbitrage Tribunaux International and is comprised of 101 titles ranging in date from 1899 to 1949 (with greatest coverage in the 1920s), containing brochures, bulletins, documents, pamphlets, and reprints (duplicate copies (19) are included but not indivually numbered). Publications concern 14 different countries and are written in 7 different languages, some items having several translations. All topics relate to Arbitration and include: boundary arbitration, commercial arbitration; Hague Peace conferences and the Court of Arbitration; international conferences; International Court of Justice communiques; International Court of Justice opinions and sentences; League of Nations cases and memoranda, analyses of arbitrations; lectures; mixed arbitral courts and settlements; Treaty of Versailles; Unites States relations with the World Courts, U.S. adherence to World Court, and public opinions about the U.S. and World Court; the World Court, its history, the protocol, and the Court as a factor in world peace.

Many of these items are rare even though reprints and government documents may possibley be available elsewhere. However, this collection is very useful and interesting for researchers working on Arbitrage questions.

C1499-C1500/20A/17144 · Sub-series · 1929-1932
Fait partie de Groupe d’archives mixtes sur les réfugiés (Fonds mixte Nansen)

The outcomes of the Conference referred to an "Accord" and three "Arrangements".

The "Accord", dated 30 June 1928, concerned the nomination of the representatives for the Office of the High Commissioner needed to be agreed by the ministry of foreign affairs of the country concerned. The representative had the authority to deliver Nansen passport, renewal of identity certificate, identity card.

The "Arrangements" were entitled
"Arrangement intergouvernementaux du 12 mai 1926 et du 30 juin 1928, relatifs aux réfugiés russes, arméniens, assyriens, assyro-chaldéens et turcs"
"Arrangement de juin 1928 concernant le statut juridique des réfugiés russes et arméniens"
"Arrangement du 30 juin 1928 relatif à l'extension à d'autres catégories de réfugiés de certaines mesures prises en faveur des réfugiés russes et arméniens"