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1 June 1940
Pp 274/1/435-436 · Document · 1940.06.01
Part of Private Archives

Letter from Seymour Jacklin, South Africa, Office of the League of Nations Secretary General, Treasury, to S. Lester on the League of Nations budget and staff.

3 July 1940
Pp 274/1/472 · Document · 1940.07.03
Part of Private Archives

Dictated notes: J. Avenol: possible resignation of S. Jacklin; attempt to approach Germany through contacts with W. Krauel, German Consul General.

19 July 1940 (1)
Pp 274/1/490-492 · Document · 1940.07.19
Part of Private Archives

J. Avenol's plans for S. Lester, A. Loveday (League of Nations Economic and Financial Section) and Rasmus Ingvald Berentson Skylstad, Norway, (League of Nations Minorities Questions Section): mission to the United States to negotiate the Princeton offer; T. Aghnides and J. Avenol on T. Aghnides' refusal to be in charge of the League of Nations Secretariat with limited powers, J. Avenol did not inform T. Aghnides on instructions received from Vichy to leave, J. Avenol assured T. Aghnides that S. Jacklin, South Africa, Office of the League of Nations Secretary General, Treasury, fully agreed with his plans, untruth; Denmark withdrawal from the League of Nations; Permanent Court of Justice staff treated at Geneva as ordinary diplomats: Switzerland gave hospitality to the staff but did not welcome the Court as an Institution.

31 July 1940 (2)
Pp 274/1/516-517 · Document · 1940.07.31
Part of Private Archives

J. Avenol on his resignation: he intended to cut all his connections with the League of Nations on the 31 of August and to leave responsibilities to his next in command and not to S. Jacklin (South Africa), Office of the League of Nations Secretary General, Treasury, as he first thought; Supervisory Committee to look after the League of Nations finances: J. Avenol had no intention of participating in this Committee, Supervisory Committee meeting should take place in Princeton (USA) with C.J. Hambro (Norway), Holma (Finnish Minister), Boisanger, Henri Victor Marie Carton de Wiart (Belgium).

5 August 1940 (1)
Pp 274/1/522-523 · Document · 1940.08.05
Part of Private Archives

Control of the League of Nations funds, which were to a vast percentage in America and England: J. Avenol's orders to bring these funds to Switzerland, S. Jacklin's refusal (South Africa) Office of the League of Nations Secretary General, Treasury.

7 August 1940 (2)
Pp 274/1/530-532 · Document · 1940.08.07
Part of Private Archives

S. Lester informed by Carlos Garcia Palacios (Chile), League of Nations Information Section, that the autocar in which the A. Loveday party had left for Lisbon had had an accident, not too serious (three persons gravely injured, including one of A. Loveday's sons) but people were able to go on their trip on the following day; the remains of the ILO staff, about 30 officials including E.J. (Ned) Phelan (Ireland), left for America at J.G. Winant's request, Director of the ILO; S. Jacklin on the League of Nations budgetary difficulties: most of the Member States could or would pay nothing, on the difficulty for the Supervisory Committee to meet: C.J. Hambro (Norway) wanted the meeting in America or Lisbon, J. Avenol refused to move from Geneva and said the meeting could not be held without him.

8 August 1940 (2)
Pp 274/1/534-536 · Document · 1940.08.08
Part of Private Archives

Note of S. Lester to S. Jacklin: problem of the Supervisory Committee meeting.