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Kostelecký, Václav
Kost/Pp329-335/1- · Sub-Fonds · 1946-2007
Part of Private Archives

The collection primarily contains items concerning Mr. Kostelecký's career with the United Nations, namely his activities with the United Nations Appeal for Children (UNAC) and his work with the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), including his work on as a consultant on the official history of UNECE: “Three Decades of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe” (E/ECE/962).

There is also correspondence between Kostelecký and Myrdal about the ECE history project, including the preparatory work for Kostelecky's book “The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe: The Beginning of a History”. This material includes records of interviews with figures prominent in the UNECE, including Gunnar Myrdal, Walt Rostow, and Evgeny Chossudovsky, among others.

The collection also contains correspondence with the Kostelecký and Myrdal families and the Swedish Labour Movement Library and Archives about donations of Kostelecký and Myrdal's Papers, as well as Kostelecky’s publications and several books from his personal library.

There are numerous photos, four framed portaits, and several film negatives in the collection, including portraits of Kostelecky and other United Nations staff members, as well as more personal photos of the Kostelecky and Myrdal families. Primarily, however, there are photos relating to the work of the UNECE. In total, there are over 300 photographs in the collection.

Kostelecky, Vaclav
S17/17/3 · File · 1924-1925
Part of League of Nations Secretariat

Contains booklet by the people of Iraq on Iraq's independance, and Mr. Branting's report on the League of Nations Council deliberations on the frontier between Iraq and Turkey. The Turkish and British Governments are ready to accept the Council's decision.

C1518/414/20A/23422/17460 · File · 1929-1938
Part of League of Nations Refugees Mixed Archival Group (Nansen Fonds)

J. Martin was the editor [a sub-editor] of the newspaper "Journal de Genève". He sent three brochures [donations] to Major T. F. Johnson: "Lettres de Géorgie - adressées au Journal de Genève de juillet à septembre 1920 par Jean Martin, Rédacteur," "La Géorgie, la Russie et la S.d.N. par Edgard Milhaud publié sous les auspices du Comité international pour la Géorgie, 1926," "L'Avenir de la Géorgie par Eugène Gueguetchkori, Ministre des affaires étrangères du gouvernement national géorgien publié par le Comité international pour la Géorgie, 1927."

C1519/415/20A/80257/17460 · File · 1931-1938
Part of League of Nations Refugees Mixed Archival Group (Nansen Fonds)

This file contains telegrams, photos, translations of letters and notes raising amongst others the question of the competence of the office in dealing with certain requests as documented by notes exchanged between Major T.F. Johnson [Secretary-General from 1931] and G. Zwerner [member of staff]. The file includes samples of passports proposed by private persons to the Nansen International Office for Refugees.