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Sean Lester's Diary
Pp274 · Series · 1935-1947
Part of Private Archives

This unedited and uncorrected typescript of the diary and papers of Sean Lester covers, in part, the period when he was League of Nations High Commissioner in Danzig (1935-1937), Deputy Secretary-General (1937-1940) and Secretary-General (1940-1947, by decision of the General Assembly in 1946) of the League of Nations in Geneva.

The material bound in this "Diary" is by no means complete, even for the 1935-1941 period. Some time after the "Diary" was bound, a further box of papers, covering most of S. Lester's life, was found, including: private diary entries, general S. Lester's notes, correspondence, press, etc. In fact, some of the most important papers for 1935-1941 were found and are not therefore in the "Diary" - for instance as regards the 1936 crisis.

Lester, Sean (1888-1959).
Document · 1934.09.03
Part of Private Archives

Two letters addressed by S. Lester to H. Rauschning, President of the Senate, dated 30 August and 3 September 1934: the first one, intended as a general warning, regarding doubtful legislative and administrative acts affecting the liberties guaranteed by the Constitution and the respect given to the Constitution under which the Senate was governing, as well as an inclination from the Government and its administration to confuse the identities of Party and State, and the second one on knives carried by many SA men in Danzig; petition from Catholic priests relating to the suppression of Catholic Youth organizations; post scriptum regarding the fact that Danzig and Poland agreed on Nederbragt as President of the Port and discussed terms with him.

Document · 1933.10.26
Part of Private Archives

Extract from the "Evening Mail" on both S. Lester's appointment as High Commissioner in Danzig and J. McDonald's appointment as High Commissioner for Jewish refugees; Poland's objection to S. Lester's election; J. Simon's support to S. Lester; short biography on S. Lester.