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30 July 1940
Pp 274/1/514-515 · Document · 1940.07.30
Part of Private Archives

Newspaper cutting from the Swedish newspaper "Daily Mail" on J. Avenol's resignation and the League of Nations budget.

27 July 1940 (2)
Pp 274/1/515-516 · Document · 1940.07.27
Part of Private Archives

Letter of the British H. McKinnon Wood from the USA to S. Lester on J. Avenol's resignation and A. Loveday (United Kingdom), League of Nations Economic and Financial Section, announcing transfer to the USA.

31 July 1940 (2)
Pp 274/1/516-517 · Document · 1940.07.31
Part of Private Archives

J. Avenol on his resignation: he intended to cut all his connections with the League of Nations on the 31 of August and to leave responsibilities to his next in command and not to S. Jacklin (South Africa), Office of the League of Nations Secretary General, Treasury, as he first thought; Supervisory Committee to look after the League of Nations finances: J. Avenol had no intention of participating in this Committee, Supervisory Committee meeting should take place in Princeton (USA) with C.J. Hambro (Norway), Holma (Finnish Minister), Boisanger, Henri Victor Marie Carton de Wiart (Belgium).

26 July 1940
Pp 274/1/519-522 · Document · 1940.07.26
Part of Private Archives

Craig McGeachy's letter to his new Chief S. Lester (Portuguese newspapers already announced J. Avenol's resignation) on Princeton plan, on Da Matta's interest in the League of Nations and assistance to members of the League of Nations Section in Portugal, (Da Matta was Governor of the Bank of Portugal, Salazar's best friend and counsellor, Rector of the university in Cintra and the one who launched a scheme for building a "cité universitaire" in Lisbon), and on his personal situation (C. McGenchy wanted to go to London).

5 August 1940 (1)
Pp 274/1/522-523 · Document · 1940.08.05
Part of Private Archives

Control of the League of Nations funds, which were to a vast percentage in America and England: J. Avenol's orders to bring these funds to Switzerland, S. Jacklin's refusal (South Africa) Office of the League of Nations Secretary General, Treasury.

6 August 1940 (1)
Pp 274/1/523 · Document · 1940.08.06
Part of Private Archives

S. Lester on his wife's support and the fact they suffered separation.

6 August 1940 (2)
Pp 274/1/523-525 · Document · 1940.08.06
Part of Private Archives

S. Lester's letter to A. Sweetser on the League of Nations difficult situation.

16 August 1940 (1)
Pp 274/1/545-546 · Document · 1940.08.16
Part of Private Archives

Emile Giraud (France), League of Nations Legal Section, on J. Avenol's questions about his resignation and the appointment of his successor.

19 August 1940
Pp 274/1/548-550 · Document · 1940.08.19
Part of Private Archives

A. Costa du Rels (Bolivia), President of the Council, requested S. Lester's advices to reply to J. Avenol's letter on his departure; S. Lester's note to S. Jacklin (South Africa), Office of the League of Nations Secretary General, Treasury, on J. Avenol's proposal to give R.M.F. Charron (France), League of Nations Finance and Economic Research Section, a year's indemnity in case of resignation.