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S362/27/8 · Dossier · 1922
Fait partie de Secrétariat de la Société des Nations

This file contains the annexes to the Minorities Section's files on Upper Silesia; as such, it contains multiple types of documents focusing on many different subject areas, including maps, population records, meeting minutes, and reports on topics such as schools and religious freedom. The file contains 18 annexes in total, but the annexes themselves are not sorted out in numerical order.

Frontier between Turkey and Irak III.
S17/17/3 · Dossier · 1924-1925
Fait partie de Secrétariat de la Société des Nations

Contains booklet by the people of Iraq on Iraq's independance, and Mr. Branting's report on the League of Nations Council deliberations on the frontier between Iraq and Turkey. The Turkish and British Governments are ready to accept the Council's decision.

C1519/415/20A/80257/17460 · Dossier · 1931-1938
Fait partie de Groupe d’archives mixtes sur les réfugiés (Fonds mixte Nansen)

This file contains telegrams, photos, translations of letters and notes raising amongst others the question of the competence of the office in dealing with certain requests as documented by notes exchanged between Major T.F. Johnson [Secretary-General from 1931] and G. Zwerner [member of staff]. The file includes samples of passports proposed by private persons to the Nansen International Office for Refugees.