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Lester, Sean
Sub-Fonds · 1929-
Fait partie de Private Archives

S. Lester's Diary (1935-1941) consists of two bound volumes.
Vol. I contains a typescript copy of pages 1-753 and a copy of an article on S. Lester published in "UN Special", July 1959;
Vol. II contains photocopies of pages 754-978 (including annexes and an index to the diary).

The collection of Lester papers (including some pages from the diary, private and official correspondence, reports, many press cuttings,relating particularly to the Danzig period when he was targeted by the Nazi press, etc.) covers essentially the period 1929-1946, but also includes some post-retirement material running up to 1959, as well as some photos and family letters.

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Press Cutting "Danzig High Commissioner"
Document · 1933
Fait partie de Private Archives

The League of Nations Council failed to agree on a successor to Helmer Rosting (Denmark), S. Lester's predecessor as Danzig High Commissioner - J. Simon, acting as rapporteur, suggested the appointment of S. Lester (Irish Free State) - The representant of Poland, J. Beck, opposed to S. Lester's appointment and proposed that the retiring High Commissioner be reappointed - The Polish delegate objected to having any representative of a Great Power, or even of any of the British Dominions - As a result of the French delegate Paul Boncour's intervention, the Polish representatives withdrew their objections to S. Lester's election.