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LON/BPC/MIN · Series · 1910-1969
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This series contains publications concerning Minorities and is comprised of 396 titles ranging in date from 1910 to 1969 (with greatest coverage in the 1920s and 1930s), containing brochures, bulletins, documents, Festschriften, journals, maps, newspaper clippings, pamphlets, reprints and theses (duplicate copies (40) and periodical issues (10) are included but not individually numbered). Publications concern 12 different countries and are written in 9 different languages, some items having several translations. All topics relate to Minorities and Minorities Law and include: Anti-semitism and relations with Jewish minorities; boundary disputes; folk art and cultural differences; laws of different peoples; societies and institutes; war crimes and world peace.

Many of these items are rare even though reprints and government documents may be available elsewhere.

Diverse Peace Societies
LON/BPC/APF · Series · 1912-1959
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This series is comprised of 870 titles ranging in dates from 1912-1959 (with the majority of items dated in the 1920s-1940s). The material - brochures, pamphlets, scripts, leaflets, posters, flyers and newspaper clippings - concerns peace societies and peace work in 10 different countries and is written in 8 different languages. Some publications have several translations, including a few items in Esperanto. Duplicate copies are included and individually numbered. Plubcations illustrate the activities of international peace societies such as the Federal Council of Churches in America, National Peace Council, League of Free Nations Association, World Movement for World Federal Government, Society of Friends (Quakers), Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and League to Abolish War. This series also has extensive coverage on teh work of the National Council for Prevention of War.

LON/BPC/PROS · Series · 1884-1955
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This series is comprised of 322 titles (including 15 duplicate copies, which are not individually numbered) and contains pamphlets, reprints, brochures, leagal texts, bulletins, books, congress publications, theses, newspaper clippings and session protocols. The publications range in date from 1884 to 1955 (with greatest coverage in the 1920s and 1930s) and are written in 11 different langauges, some items having several translations. They deal with questions of prosititution, the main topics being campaigns against the state regulation of prostitution and venereal diseases.

LON/BPC/ESC · Series
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This series is comprised of 84 titles (including 5 duplicate copies which are not individually numbered) and contains pamphlets, reprints, documents, newspaper articles, books, typescripts, memoranda, leagal texts and brochures. The publications range in date from 1906 to 1948(with greatest coverage from the mid-1920's to the mid-1930's) and are written in five different languages, some items having several translations. They deal with quesitons of slavery, the main topics being anti-slavery campaignes and information about slavery and similar forms of exploitation.

Press Cuttings
BvS/4-7 · Sub-series · 1886-1914
Part of International Peace Movements

Press cuttings concerning Bertha von Suttner's articles, reviews of her writings, articles on her activities, biography, etc.

File contains correspondence on advance requests and repayment guarantees, correspondence with the Geneva Office, certificates of identity, issuance of the new Nansen passport, issuance of the Nansen stamps, repatriation of Armenian refugees to the Soviet Republic of Armenia.

documents of 1934:
P.12-1934 "Appel" [Appeal] for the collection of winter clothing.

documents of 1935:
C./84eSession/P.V.I(I) "Procès-verbal"
G.A.C.24-1935 "Ordre du jour provisoire"
G.A.C.36-1935(1) "Rapport de la Commission intergouvernementale consultative pour les réfugiés sur les travaux de sa septième session"
P.13-1935 Communiqué sur "établissement des réfugiés arméniens en Syrie, l'évacuation ... de réfugiés arméniens à Erivan, l'établissement des réfugiés dans les pays d'outremer et la situation des réfugiés russes en Turquie"
C.A.92.1935 "Conseil d'administration"
document on "Norvège - Emission Nansen - Projet d'une émission commemorative de timbres poste"
C.L.1935.XII "Refugiés russes, arméniens, assyriens, assyro-chaldéens, turos - Rapport de la Commission intergouvernementale consultative pour les réfugiés sur les travaux de sa septième session"
I.C.S.1-1935 "Plan for the issue of a certificate of identity to Saar refugees, submitted for the consideration of interested governments in execution of the resolution of the Council of the League"
C.L.120.1935.XII "Refugiés provenant de la Sarre - Extension du régime des passeports Nansen à ces réfugiés"
C.L.111.1935.XII "Russian, Armenian, Assyrian, Assyro-Chaldean and Turkish refugees - Settlement of such refugees in overseas countries"

C1532/428/20A/19222/19016/Jacket1 · File · 1929-1931
Part of League of Nations Refugees Mixed Archival Group (Nansen Fonds)

File contains correspondence on the drafting and distribution of the appeal. National Committees were formed in Denmark and Norway for raising money for the Fund in those countries. The appeal document which entitled "Appeal for a Memorial Fund for the Completion of the Humanitarian Work of Dr. Fridtjof Nansen" or the "Nansen Memorial Fund" was signed by H. E. M. Aristide Briand, Minister for Foreign Affairs of the French Republic; The Rt. Hon. Viscount Cecil of Chelwood, K.C.; H.E. Dr. Julius Curtius, Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Reich; H.E. Signor D. Grandi, Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Italy; The Rt. Hon. Arthur Henderson, P.C. M.P., Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs; H.E. Dr. T. G. Masaryk, President of the Czechoslovak Republic; H.E. M. Joh. Ludw. Mowinckel, former Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs of Norway; H.E. M. E. Venizelos, President of the Council of Ministers of Greece.

Draft document:
C.A.24.1931 - Governing Body 3rd Session - Nansen Memorial Fund
"Appel du Dr. Fidtjof Nansen - Haut-Commissaire de la Société des Nations pour les Réfugiés pour l'obtention des fonds nécessités par la liquidation de la partie matérielle du problème des réfugiés russes, arméniens, assyriens, assyro-chaldéens et turcs"
C.300.M.141.1931 - 13 May 1931 - Note by the Secretary-General (English and French) - Lettre émanant de M. Max Huber, Président du Conseil d'administration de l'Office international nansen pour les Réfugiés

Press clippings:
"Manchester Guardian " dated 22 May 1930 on " Nansen and Armenia - An Obligation that Remains"
"New York Times" dated 14 May 1931 on "The Refugees' Best Friend"
"New York Times" dated 13 May 1931 on "8 Statesmen appeal for Nansen Memorial - Henderson, Briand, Curtius and others seek fund to care for refugees"
"Deutsche Allgemeine Zeit - Abend Aus Berlin" dated 15 March 1931 on "Ein "Nansen-Fonds" zur bie Fluchlings in Europa und asien?"
"The Way of the World - No. 110" - dated 15 May 1931
"Jewish Telegraphic Agency" dated 11 May 1931 on "Nansen Memorial Fund: Appeal issued by League of Nations Council for Completion of Dr. Nansen's Humanitarian Work"
Various newspaper cuttings from Budapest