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Archival description
Fonds · 1919-1947

The fonds consists of the following sub-fonds, "Registry files" (1920-1947), "Commission files" (1919-1947), and "Section files" (1924-1941). It includes therefore, files produced by the Registry, Records and Mailing Section of the Secretariat of the League of Nations, files of the external offices of the High Commissioner for Refugees, later Nansen Office for Refugees (including those produced by the Nansen Office itself), files of other external bodies (International Labour Organisation, Office of the Liquidator of the Nansen Office in Paris, Armenian Orphanage in Aleppo, High Commissioner for German Refugees, High Commissioner for Refugees in London) as well as files of several other external bodies randomly united under "Section files" (files of the Evian intergovernmental conference, of the Delegation in Greece). The Nansen fonds consists of correspondence, administrative, financial, and other textual records; brochures; newspaper clippings; some photographs; documentation of other nature.

League of Nations. High Commissioner of the League of Nations for Refugees. International Labour Organisation. Nansen Office. Armenian Orphanage in Aleppo. High Commissioner for German Refugees. High Commissioner for Refugees in London.
Private Archives
Fonds · 1884-1986

This archive group assembles documents, personal memoirs, and records originally in the private possession of League of Nations officials or consultants, some of whom also later worked for the UN, which were incorporated into the League of Nations Archives after its liquidation. It also contains similar content from UN officials and staff, or from individuals whose careers and work were closely related to the UN, later donated to the UN Archives Geneva.
It includes, the papers of: Aga Khan, Prince Sadruddin; Thanassis Aghnides; Georg Arnhold; International Association of Journalists; Association genevoise pour la SDN; Joseph Louis Avenol; Edith Ballantyne; Beyerly; Gabrielle Boisseau; K.A. Chavichvili; René Claparède; Charles de Visscher; Constance Drexel; James Eric Drummond; Howard Elting Jr.; Estonia/Karl Selter; Nosratdoleh Firuz; Dominique Föllmi; Carlos Garcia Palacios; Joseph Goldblat; Robert Henri Graf; William Martin Hill; Jan Hostie; International Federation of League of Nations Societies; James Avery Joyce, Esq.; Václav Kostelecký; Lecomte; Sean Lester; Alexander Loveday; Louis Hubert Gonzalve Lyautey; Paul Joseph Mantoux; William Martin; René Mayer; Wlodzimierz Moderow; Laura Puffer Morgan; René Nydegger; Adrianus Pelt; José Pla; Nicolas Socrate Politis; T.P. Sevensma; Alfred Silbernagel; Witney Hart Shepardson; Smelter, Trail Tribunal; Royall Tyler; F.M. Van Asbeck; J. Wikler; Wurm.

Fonds · 1919-

Conventions, Ratifications and other Diplomatic Instruments (League of Nations); Bulky Enclosures (League of Nations); Printed Documents (League of Nations); Brochures and Pamphlets (League of Nations); Daily Synopsis of Official Correspondence (League of Nations); Woodrow Wilson Collection (League of Nations); Museum (League of Nations); Visual Material (League of Nations and UNOG); Sound Archives (League of Nations and UNOG); Audiovisual Archives (League of Nations and UNOG); Microforms (League of Nations and UNOG).