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Carte electorale de la France
LON-G5831.F9 1946 .I57 · Pièce · 1946
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Map no 16. Inset maps of Corsica and Oran, Algeria and Constantine and Seine and Oise.

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Voters and Treaty-Making Power
LON-G3701.F7 s000 .U55 Sheet G-2 · Pièce · 1945
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Distorted Map - Area of each state is drawn proportional to the popular vote cast in 1944. Sheet G-2.

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Document · 1935.03.18
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Invitation to National Socialist demonstration: S. Lester refused the invitation, the Italian Consul di Lieto and the German Consul were the only ones to attend the demonstration; complaint from an American citizen attacked by SA men in Danzig; activities of the teachers organization; talk between K. Papée and A. Forster on Polish press; A. Forster regarded as a revisionist by the Polish opinion; A. Forster's official newspaper heading "Zurück zum Reich"; Government's proclamation on the Volkstag elections; A. Forster's elections appeal; National Socialist opening of elections campaign; German denunciation of the Treaty of Versailles military clauses; Zentrum Party meetings.