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Document · 1936.07.07
Part of Private Archives

Press cuttings: "Greiser says: Danzig is severed from League" (London News Chronicle), "Hands off Danzig - Poland warns Germany", "Cabinet and the Danzig Crisis - Position regarded as serious", "Danzig Coup fears - Full Support for Irish Commissioner - Safety assured" (incomplete article), "Nazis' Olympic Interlude - Need of Foreign Money postpones Coups" (incomplete article); Press cuttings titles: "Poland's warning to Germany - Berlin hails Greiser as National Hero - Geneva Insult", "No Nazi Coup in Danzig - Poland warns Germany - Will act up to Statute - Geneva Confident", "Poland warns Germany - No Danzig Change by Force".

C1519/415/20A/80257/17460 · File · 1931-1938
Part of League of Nations Refugees Mixed Archival Group (Nansen Fonds)

This file contains telegrams, photos, translations of letters and notes raising amongst others the question of the competence of the office in dealing with certain requests as documented by notes exchanged between Major T.F. Johnson [Secretary-General from 1931] and G. Zwerner [member of staff]. The file includes samples of passports proposed by private persons to the Nansen International Office for Refugees.

Document · 1934.01
Part of Private Archives

Two press cuttings, the first one on the reception accorded to S. Lester when he took up his duties in Danzig: S. Lester emphasized the fact that Poles, Germans and Danzigers were united in their belief that an Irishman will understand their respective points of view and defend their respective interests; the second one on the Council's position towards the Free City of Danzig: though the Council of the League of Nations had a very grave responsibility towards the Free City of Danzig it could not assume the function of a court of law in regard to it.

Document · 1936.07.31
Part of Private Archives

High tribute paid by the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs to S. Lester for the immense work he did for the League of Nations in difficult circumstances; Nazi terrorism in Danzig; Nazi Government's new decrees violating the Danzig Constitution guaranteed by the League of Nations; Danzig Nazis' purpose was to expel the League of Nations High Commissioner from Danzig.

Document · 1946.01.08
Part of Private Archives

Extract from the "Journal de Genève" about Switzerland not present in the first General Assembly of the United Nations in London; about S. Lester keeping the League of Nations going during the war time and about the spirit of Geneva for international co-operation.

R1713/45/13923/12319 · File · 1921.07.08
Part of League of Nations Refugees Mixed Archival Group (Nansen Fonds)

Correspondence with the International Committee of the Red Cross concerning this committee's request for more information on the envisioned by the Council of the League of Nations collaboration of the International Committee of the Red Cross with the League Secretariat and of the Joint Committee of the League of Red Cross Societies and the ICRC on the questions concerning Russian refugees.